Before we have a look at the chess methods of defence, it will be useful to discuss the various thinking methods that can be helpful when defending. Practical Chess Defence, – download book Author: Aagaard Jacob. Practical Chess Defence Jacob Aagaard Quality Chess ychessbooks. com. First edition by Quality Chess Europe AB Vegagatan 18, SE Practical Chess Defence has 12 ratings and 0 reviews. Chess is developing faster now than ever before in history, and the appearance of.

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I replicated the moves without looking more deeply at them, but actually I do not think that this was what happened in the game. I offered this example as being about comparison. Black wants to be able to deal with the invasion of a rook on the 7th rank, which is difficult to prevent, and at the same time he wishes for his king to be safer.

The black bishop can only go to chews square if he wants to avoid being exchanged for one of the white knights. The following example illustrates a standard attackcuttingstraightthrough.

And overall the number of draws today is not higher than it was twenty years ago, when humans were still thinking for themselves. I had played my last move rather superficially, analysing only the consequences of Black has achieved the.

Aagaard, Jacob – Practical Chess –

Certainly Acs had anticipated this tactic, and prepared a response. Chess is developing faster now than ever before in history, and the appearance of strong chess computers has changed the way players think. A potential future World Champion, Peter Svidler, has managed to do it a few times, and recendy Bacrot resigned against Aronian in a drawn endgame in the semi-final of the World Cup White’s main problem is the defence of the first rank.


In some situations we are lucky and one option stands out as clearly preferable, but most of 18 Practical Chess Defence the time we have to choose between seemingly even options.

Not long before our game 1 The white king will never be allowed to come to g5. This missed the great man’s point by a mile and beyond! It is from these experiences that I realised our tendency towards forcing thinking. White has two similar ways to force a draw. practicla

And that is exactly what he comes up with: The major difference from the position arising in the previous note: Paul Cannon added it May 26, The passed pawn is now dominating the white position, and White will have to think deeply before he can find the possible defences. What is interesting is that we can condition ourselves to find a move like 4. We want to choose flight over fight, practiccal you do not get hurt in nature practiczl you are elsewhere when the predator strikes.

Will White queen his e-pawn and be much better? The move is a representative of the “spanner in the works” thinking discussed often in this book. This does not necessarily lead to bullet-proof solutions, but we get much closer to this unobtainable goal than we would have done without computers.


Fritz claims the position is dose to equal, which is absurd.

Aagaard, Jacob – Practical Chess Defence.pdf

The main difference comes in the line As we shall see this is no good. Hernandez Cuba 1 Chiburdanidze – Zsu. Only when the attack is foiled does she think about her own aggressive ambitions. The black king is under threat. Black should refrain from The intermediate move is such an integral part of chess tactics that we all have our favourite examples. The win is still difficult and, in my experience, not possible to find over the board.

White can also try: Also possible is Only after the game did he find the defeence answer to this question, and the reason why. The queen will soon appear on h4. An important tactical tool is the ability to try different move orders. The only winning chance was 5 l. Only one thing can be said with absolutely certainty: Mick Slick defenec it Apr 28, agaaard The exercises have been divided into four sections: