Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Perform technical activities with supplier s as described in the agreement s. The Risk Management process area can best be described by the following goals and practices. Assess how well the supplier is adhering to their documented development and sustainment processes and evaluate the effectiveness of their defined processes.

The acquirer is responsible for defining and baselining the requirements levels under its control and also monitoring the suppliers definition of the lower level requirements. Manufacturing engineers sign-off on engineering drawings as part of the design approval process to ensure that the product can be manufactured economically. Coordinate and obtain approval on major plans from relevant stakeholders. Data on verification and corrective actions should be available to the acquirer and suppliers organizations as well as to other appropriate stakeholders.

Execute risk handling, including mitigation actions promptly. Identify and negotiate repair and overhaul rates.

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Ensure that operators, enabling systems, and test facilities will be available in order to conduct validation. Establish and maintain a process for handling accidents involving the product. Develop mechanisms to ensure conformity to the OBD i. Afk level interface requirements for interoperability in any system of systems architecture should be considered.


A review traditionally a CDR process is used during design to include both hardware and software design to demonstrate that the allocation of requirements achieve an effective system. Summary Page 10 Share Cite.

Monitor and control critical processes and product variation. Document scoring aif conclusion susing selected evaluation methods and established criteria. The second context is the logical analysis that discovers any natural partitioning manifested in the requirements.

In addition to briefly covering the materials contained in the self-assessment training, emphasis will be on their specific roles and responsibilities as they relate to the assigned task. PPG2P4 Plan for necessary resources, including personnel knowledge and skills, to perform the project tasks Description: First and foremost AF SEAM is a process improvement tool that is intended to be employed by process owners, those working within these processes, and those directly overseeing them.

Perform industrial base analysis for critical 6-501 and product-components. RG3P3 Validate requirements to ensure the evolving product will perform as intended in the operational environment Description: Air Force USAFmany of the programs are still incurring cost growth, schedule delays, and performance problems.

Typical activities include defining the formal procedures to be used, such as the creation of documents, diagrams, or meetings to discuss the important issues, the objectives to be met, and the strategies to be followed and an understanding of roles and responsibilities. VG1 Prepare for verification VG1P1 Establish and maintain the overall verification strategy and plan, including integrated testing approach Description: Product design consists of two broad phases that may overlap in execution: Document the description of the alternative solutions and the rationale for selection.


VG4P5 Establish and maintain a documented plan for validation Description: Infrastructure considerations include buildings, workspace, associated utilities, tooling, capital equipment, and supporting services such as transport, communication or special handling. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. Additionally, results should be maintained in a manner that facilitates feedback and thereby supports continuous process improvement.

It also ensures that lower level requirements are tied to a parent requirement to prevent orphan requirements at the lower levels. The Decision Analysis process area can best be described by the following goals and practices.


Review deliverable technical data for completeness, accuracy, and currency to ensure program integrity and health. Identify and assess alternative technologies for substitution afj place of unacceptable higher risk technologies. The software estimates have been verified to be consistent with the program budget and schedule.

The committee planned and participated in the workshop and prepared the report Owning the Technical Baseline for Acquisition Programs in the U.