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The day of the groom’s dinner and rehearsal he took the battered ’84 Chevy Nova to the car wash and mucked it out. Ahead of them the foyer widened out into an octagonal space, in the center of which hung a second, matching chandelier. She had often put her children first; she had frequently put him off in favor of business that could have been delayed.

Skipper and Bean, two old dogs, were presently stretched out on the davenport. We’ve both got jobs and a decent place to live. Heather stopped near the top of the stairs-a forty-five-year old woman with stylish tortoiseshell glasses, garnet fingernails, and strawberry-blond hair glazed into fashionable disarray. He was so good-looking, and bright, and charming when he wanted to be, but the path of resistance he’d chosen to take had put so many obstacles between them.


Libros Para Todos: AMARGO PERO DULCE – Lavyrle Spencer

They fall in love, but find this threatened by a sudden, brutal murder. I guess she told you.

Lisa is marrying her brother. There were many facets of Keith that displeased her. I could do half a dozen lqvyrle consultations a day if there were three of me.

So none of this was nearly as much of a shock to us as it is to you. She hugged Lisa more tightly and a little longer than usual.

I want to marry you.

spncer He often failed to understand. Lisa’s mother and I are proud of her and happy for her, and we welcome Mark spenfer her husband-to-be. She rode downstairs wondering if by her apology, she’d made things better or worse between them.

Listen, everything’s ready, but I forgot the sour cream for the stroganoff, so I have to make a quick run to the store. Tonight, however, it had been dusted, and on the music rack was the sheet music for Michael’s favorite song, “The Homecoming,” which in years past Lisa had often played for him.

Inside were four individual salads prettily arranged on plates, a bottle of Perrier water, and a pint of sour cream. Then she repeated, “I don’t know. Why can’t he just lay off me?

Spencer, LaVyrle – Bygones – [DOC Document]

While Bess spent sometime perusing the menu, Michael only glanced at it. Every step of the way, Michael felt his chest contract as his chance slipped away. In an undertone he said to Bess, “I don’tthink Randy likes seeing me with you. Spencre should see the expression on your face.


Spencer, LaVyrle – Bygones

Whatever happened to girls marrying the boy next door? Heading in opposite directions toward their cars, they started the long, rocky journey back toward amity. He was nice, but when she saw him, she only smiled, never glowed. After another clumsy moment Michael offered his hand to Mark, and Mark gripped it. He waved her ahead of him into a door that stood open.

Bess clapped her mouth shut but the words of the abandoned argument still reverberated in the air as Lisa rounded the corner into the living room. Halfway through it he used it to brake himself and turned back to her. And light the candles and put a tape on, will you? And of sencer there was that thing about her children. I couldn’t believe it was him.

The sofa they sat on was one upon which they’d occasionally lavurle love and cooed endearments to one an- j other when they were both young enough to believe marriage lasts forever.