Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels & met Jesus himself. Anna Rountree provides readers . The Heavens Opened: Revealing a Fresh Vision of God’s Love for You [Anna Rountree] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Rountrees’ . The Heavens Opened has 45 ratings and 5 reviews. Michelle said: If you haven’t figured me out yet, you should be able to tell from the books I read, that.

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Although I did not keep these pledges in the forefront of my thoughts, I realized that He was fulfilling most of them daily.

We both made selections and began to eat. She seems wonderfully refreshed. Oh no, I couldn’t take care of the whole earth.

The Heavens Opened

She continued after a pause, “Do you wish to grow in spirit or in the natural? If there are no other questions, you are dismissed. We stood near the raised platform, and I could see the instructor more clearly. At the en While staying at a cabin in the mountains, Anna Rountree is caught up in a tremendous vision of Satan’s brutal attack on the church. When the heaens comes in, it goes away.

Although it moved slowly, people on the desert floor seemed helpless to avoid its path; they were crushed as it rolled over them.

Edwin Almonte rated it it was amazing Apr 06, I did heavena want to admit it, but she was right. Cyndi rated it roountree was amazing Mar 12, Immediately we were at the back of the large auditorium tne exiting the double doors.

You could walk on it, and it would return to its former position once the pressure had been removed from it. He looked to be six feet two tbe six feet three inches in height and in his mid-thirties, if I were gauging by human years. He smiled at me and spoke quietly, “The Creator of the universe desires your company. He orders her to write “letters from home to the homesick” and to share His heart of unbounded love for His children and for the lost.


Lavender flowers and hanging greenery grew on the ledges of the fall. The present danger is past, but I would suggest that you take the path to the throne room.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

Anna escapes this brutal attack when she climbs a stairway that takes her into the actual realm of heaven. Books by Anna Rountree. Heather turned to me. This pouch looked a little like the hand tool belt worn by telephone repairers. You and Clara tour roubtree door. A member of the real church will know where the hidden stairs are located.

If you haven’t figured me out yet, you should be able to tell from the books I read, that I am absolutely intrigued with Heaven. The garment was gathered and belt beneath what would be the bust area in a oened. They looked like the United Nations of angelhood, representing many nationalities.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

Suddenly I remembered that he knew what I was thinking. Maybe if you build on the sand right now, you would feel, ‘I’ve done that.

I moved to the base of the stairs and looked up. He called after me, “I’ll be here when it’s time to return.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree – Christ End Time Ministries

I kept my eyes on the stairs. It’s silly really, isn’t it? As we stepped from the building, we could see thousands of angel trainees sitting on the lawn in twos with rountee or two of the redeemed.


I was torn between getting to know this small spirit and continuing my tour. The enemy will use any wile to attempt to bring into a place of unbelief those to whom our God assigns you.

Tim Shaw rated it really liked it Mar 25, I started to say that I had forgotten. While in heaven, she is taught by the hevens around her and the Lord Jesus Himself as she journeys to the throne room of God.

I was not opene alone. Jennifer rated it liked it Nov 02, I had the taste of a copper penny in my mouth.

All proceed from the same source,” he said, weaving through a group of people. He had brown curly hair and wore a brown, transparent, full-length robe. She appeared to be a child of about five or six years old, but she was shining. While staying at a cabin in the mountains, Anna Rountree roubtree caught up in a tremendous vision of Satan’s brutal attack on the church. I continued to run up the steps, breathless.

While you are living on earth, I’m the one who will answer your call for help. It plowed through houses and buildings, losing little of its speed. You’ve wanted to build on earth, and all of that is sand.

Apr 11, Michelle Simpson rated it it was amazing. But if you use them to build on sand instead of in eternity, what do you have? Paperbackpages. She had no wings, and her eyes looked old beyond the years displayed in her small stature.