Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure. Introduction. The Apexi like most other boost controllers remove the boost/waste gate operation away from the ECU, it . Top EBV hose to NC. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. View and Download APEXi Super AVC-R instruction manual online. Super AVC- R Automobile Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download APEXi Super AVC-R instruction manual online. SUPER ACTUATOR VALVE CONTROLLER TVPE-R. Super AVC-R Controller pdf manual.

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Cap both VSV and the bottom of the Wastgate actuator total of 2 caps. Also, pick the lowest value that holds desired boost So I attempt to explain what each of the parameters does along with how to set it. I guess the translator didnt know the English word. It looks pretty good apexk complete.

If so recheck everything. Wasn’t so hard, was it? Again, Duty Cycle varies on different cars, but always try a lower Duty Cycle, and work your way up. Dialing out the spike perfectly takes a LOT of time Start with low duty cycle values and increase the duty values until boost is reached.

How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller

Route the wires into the engine compartment from right behind the evaporator canister by the firewall on the right hand side of the ac. I found that the most useful display mode for tuning was 1-channel, displaying boost, then hit [up] to display a peak-hold value, hit [right] to reset this value, as needed. Once you are done connecting the ECU, replace the ECU cover and run the wires going to the head-unit toward the bottom of the black plastic ECU cover where there is an opening and mznual the two 10mm bolts.


If there is a problem with the install, i. Just note that the injector duty reading is irreverent in boost mmanual, as opposed to the importance of proper RPM readings to control boost.

APEXi Super AVC-R Instruction Manual

I used ‘start-duty’ described below to control initial boost spiking. Please be careful, you can easily pop your motor with this thing! To control the boost more accurately and reliably. Read and re-read this section, about the third time you read it, it does start making sense. So loss of power to the solenoid will result in low boost, not max boost That is why it is highly recommended that you reset your unit after it’s first initial installation, regardless if it is brand manua, or used.

The top port from each is running to the solenoid step abovethe second port is at the bottom and to the right You should develop 7psi max 0. Start msnual lifting the carpet in the passenger side and removing the black plastic cover by removing the two 10mm nuts from the bottom of the cover, check to gain access to the ECU.

The tuning instructions xvc the manual leave a lot to be desired As you learn the unit’s functions and capabilities, you will eventually master it…but start off simple.

I got psi at rpm. The basic idea is, if boost consistently overshoots, increase number; if boost oscillates, decrease number. If you are interested in contributing, contact us. Do this ’til you get it just right…and hit 1. Now pick a setting, A or B Pretty much works like aexi on a radio.


I turned learn-mode OFF in all gear, this is ‘X’ for all gears. Try to locate the solenoid as close to the waste-gate actuator as possible and use the least amount of vacuum hose as possible. It may take a small reduction of duty cycle, i.


With this turned on, I found that the unit kept dialing my transition spike back IN eliminating spike is later. This is perfectly normal in some cases, and it mznual NOT a result of mis-wiring. This will allow the monitors to get proper readings. I used ‘RPM’ wiring, not ‘injector duty’ wiring.

Exactly which method works best depends on your car’s setup and the boost level you want to run. This feature reduces the max boost a apxi, when going from negative pressure to boost If you blow through the solenoid NO or COM port you will feel a little resistance, but air will flow.

The content is user-generated from passionate Supra enthusiasts. My boost pattern isdip to 5 before transition and then back to 7 to redline. Not all cars are the same, the Duty Cycle may vary depending on the different mods you have on your car. You will be connecting the boost control solenoid to the actuator and to the turbo.