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If you just let the ecu control fuel for now you’ll be safe, if you try to alter it yourself, you can easily run too lean and ruin your engine.

Apexi SAFC 5 Button

Tuning with 1st gen SAFC??? If you like stereo stuff then that’s cool, nothing wrong with that.

At least 50cm or further from the driver. Search Forums Recent Posts. About the only “performance” mods you have on there is the injen intake, manual boost controller, and 1g bov. Hey guys, i was reading the tuneing guide of the apexi safc and nothing with the first asfc one. If you read through these boards at all then you would know that venting your bov is bad for performance, for gas mileage, spark plugs, o2 sensors Once the engine has been started, it is now possible to adjust the air flow signal by adjusting the RPM Saff Adjustment Volume.

This usually means tuning for idle on the idle knob, and then making the rest basically for full throttle. When the volumes are set in the positions below. For now i just want to have my bov vent out.

Your name or email address: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. And also whats with the smart ass remarks, i just asked a question. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Posted by SpankyJun 6, I was wondering if anyone had a good tuning with there 1st style controller. Yes, my password is: While referring to the Vehicle Specific ECU Wiring Diagram, use the splitting cap to connect the power apxi, ground wire, and RPM signal sacc of the engine control unit harness to the red, black, and green wires of the included harness. You can get the apexl with the blue screen for about bucks.

Be sure to wrap all connections with electrical tape. Jun 9, 7. Ssafc the engine control unit calculates optimum fuel amounts according to air apdxi signal input, the air flow volume and fuel amounts will remain almost perfectly proportional.

We bugton don’t need a list of useless mods that have nothing to do with tuning. And if and when you ever want to go faster or start to tune, then get some more performance mods turbo, fuel pump, fmic, injectors, safc, pocketlogger and then ask how to tune again. And 3rd, when you make a statement like: You have none of those. No, create an account now. Jun 6, 2. I personally don’t care if you have some “blingin’ neons yO” or a “mad bumpin’ stereo.

Tuning with 1st gen SAFC??? | DSMtuners

If you still have trouble after clearing your browser’s cookies and cache, reply to that thread and tell us what browser you’re using and what device you’re using. Its just the knobs that u can turn at ,, rpm scale. This unit allows this signal to be saff so that it becomes possible to change the fuel setting amounts for the vehicle. Jun 6, 3. I’m not trying to be mean or anthing. Please do not use this unit for any other purpose than the ones stated above.

Apexi Safc 5 Button

Anyone can help me out. Begin with the Wiring Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Jun 9, 8.

Well the reason i posted my mods just in case anyone asked what i had and i could get my answer faster then having to go back and relist the specs of my car. Im sorta affarid to mess with the controller. Please mount the control unit in a position where the driver of the vehicle can butotn adjust the unit while driving.


This unit is a highly efficient controller allowing the vehicle air flow sensor measures the amount of intake air and allows the vehicle engine control unit computer to specify the fuel setting for the vehicle. Truthfully, the old knob safc is really old and anyone really looking to zafc would not use it. While referring to the Vehicle Specific ECU Wiring Diagram, cut the air flow signal wire of the harness going into the engine control unit and put a fitting on the wire.

For a few reasons, first you don’t have any reason to tune it, you would need an upgraded turbo, upgraded fuel pump, upgraded injectors, and a logging device like a pocketlogger Btuton you would be ready to tune.

Ebay type 3″ st exhaust. Second your not thinking of the right controller this one is the first one made aexi the blue screen display. Jun 6, 1. Explanation of Function This unit takes the input air flow sensor signal and modifies the signal to show volumes of air which can be controlled by adjusting the RPM Specific Adjustment Volume on the front of the unit.

There’s no reason to do it other than to sound like the movies. The unit then translates the newly adjusted air volume amount to the corresponding air flow sensor signal and sends the information to the engine control unit.

Jun 8, 6.