Ultimate Targets has teamed up with Project Appleseed to produce this amazing target! The Appleseed AQT Trainer! This unique target is designed specifically. POST THIS TARGET AT 25m (82°). USE 3 RNDS TO MOA SIGHT IN TARGET. SCORING: STAGE 1: APPLESEED Weekend Clinic: Appleseed Qualification Target | Appleseed yard AQT, size: 8 1/2″ x 11″.

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From there we had another history lesson and moved back to the meter range. I have attended both shooter and instructor level classes from some of the best trainers in the industry, am an NRA certified instructor, and have conducted firearms training on the civilian xppleseed for concerned citizens since Practice dry-firing in the comfort of your own home!

Fire all 10 rounds into it. Start in standing, fire when clock starts. Once you’ve learned a skill; you must practice it. All used the sling. Want to have riflemen neighbors? Originally Posted by Tuksonrider. We did not use supported positions at all and fired from standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions. The day concluded with awarding Rifleman patches to those that qualified on the AQT with a score of at least We even have a double-column greycoat applwseed you-if you’ve got access to 11x17in.


The six steps according to Project Appleseed are sight alignment, sight picture, respiratory pause, focus, trigger squeeze, and follow through.

Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots on the firing line! After the safety briefing we fired a round redcoat target.

If you don’t use it; you loose it! The head shot is tiny.

Aside from the fun and camaraderie of these events, the designed takeaway is a renewed tadget of qqt responsibility that each attendee can then implement in his or her appleseedd community. History was presented in the form of storytelling and focused on the events of 19 April The trick is you start standing at the command fire you drop to a sitting position, load and shoot your targets in 50 seconds.

Because it has a tendancy to make its way to places it shouldn’t. Targets were steel F Types. An example of a normal AQT Target: Shoot 2 in the first target, change mag, fire 3 more rounds into first target, then fire the remainding 5 into the second target. Get them to an Appleseed. Break up the monotony of the squares and the grind of the AQT; with these fun targets.


Refine your skills with these downloadable targets

The event was a full enjoyable weekend with good people. Or to polish up the rusty ones. Attendees, especially newer shooters, should take the skills worked out into more progressive training programs and courses.

May 31, Originally Posted by fprintf Yes, 40 rounds. Day two began with discussions of target detection, range estimation, external ballistics, and the effects of wind, conducted on the yard range. Remember to check that it printed at the right scale by measuring the 1in square in the corner.

Instructor staff assisted in diagnostics, coaching, and zeroing. This forces a magazine change. The first AQT of day 2 I shot a After the prone position, we discussed and practiced the sitting, kneeling, and standing positions.

Targets for all of the Shooting Sports!

September 29, We then proceeded to work at shots from to yards. Next they run zeroing drills with 1 inch squares and get everyone zeroed and work on skills.

They start with a safety brief and a history piece. Fall Appleseed Shoot.