For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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In the case of pipelines, with no metallic gasket on flanges, conveying explosive fluid. A person touching or close to an object struck by lightning may be affected by a side-flash, or receive a shock due to step, touch or transferred potentials.

Please 1678 the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. These may include— a measures limiting step nzd touch voltages; b measures limiting fire propagation; c measures to mitigate the effects of lightning-induced overvoltages e.

Measures for the protection of persons, which should be incorporated in LPSs for buildings and structures, are outlined in other sections. However, the modern approach is that of risk management, which integrates the determination of the need for protection with the selection of adequate protection measures to reduce the risk to a tolerable level.

Footwear or a layer of non-absorbing, insulating material, such as plastic sheets, can offer some protection against earth voltages. The possible input options are explained in a comment box, which is displayed when the cursor is positioned over the input cell. In addition, a simplified form of the equation for risk component Rs risk related to physical destruction has been used, and the classification descriptions for fire risks based on structure type and content ps have been modified, in order to reduce the fire risk sensitivity of the draft IEC model.

A dry ditch, valley or any depression in the ground is safer than an elevated or flat terrain. In general, it is not economically possible to provide total protection against all the possible damaging effects of lightning, but the recommendations in this Standard will reduce the probability of damage to a calculated acceptable level, and will minimize any lightning damage that does occur.

For specialized structures e. For each type of loss relevant to the structure, compare the acceptable risk with the total risk calculated. 17688 design rules may not apply to some small nzzs. The structure may encompass a building and its associated outbuildings or equipment supports. It is a a complex function and depends on— a the resistance component R as measured by an earth tester; b the reactance component Xdepending on the circuit path to the general body of earth; and c a modifying reducing time-related component depending on soil aw caused by high current and fast rise times.


Do not enter the water, and in general avoid contact with water. If, after completing the LPS risk assessment, it is evident that surge protection is required to protect internal systems within the building and services at entry to the buildings then the requirements of Section 5 shall be applied.

This Standard was issued in draft form for comment as DR It may also be appropriate to have extra zones of protection around sensitive areas with hzs extra level of SPD protection at the boundary of that zone. Where doubt exists as to the need for lightning protection, further advice should be sought from a lightning protection designer or installer. To reduce lightning damage and its consequential effects, lightning protection measures may be required.

Section 3 provides advice on the protection of persons from aw, mainly relating to the behaviour of persons when not inside substantial buildings. You may be required to comply with this standard if you intend to design, install or operate a small generation unit. The recommendations specifically cover the following applications: Other work sheets showing the calculated values of all of the individual risk components for nas type of risk are also accessible if a more in depth analysis is required.

In built-up areas protection is frequently provided by nearby buildings, electricity supply service lines or street lighting poles. Exit the water and move to a safe place.

There may be significant loss of revenue economic loss associated with damage to computer centres and communication nodes. What legislation specifies this requirement? Additional protection may be gained by anchoring aw relatively high objects such as jetties and bridges, provided that direct contact is not made with them.

Neurological and cardiac injuries also are different, and follow different courses. Ad are as follows: Public money would normally be spent to try to eliminate or reduce to a level as low as reasonably practical the causes of risks greater than 10—4 per year i.

The object of this Section is to give a procedure for evaluation of the risk to a structure, people and installations or equipment in, on or connected to the structure.


AS / NZS 1768 Lightning Protection – Australian Government

Mobile and cordless telephones are safe to use indoors. Consideration should always be given to the application of lightning protection measures. If the application of these protection measures cannot fulfil this condition, specific protection measures shall be provided according to the values of the risk components refer to detailed calculations and assumptions in Appendix A. Persons indoors should avoid using the telephone and contacting metallic structures.

If unavoidable, keep it brief and try not to touch electrical appliances, personal computers, metal pipes, stoves, sinks, and any other metallic objects at the same time.

AS – Lightning Protection – Free Download PDF

Home Privacy Disclaimer Copyright. The nature of lightning and the principles of lightning protection are discussed and guidance is given to assist in a determination of whether protective measures should be taken.

The following are represented on Committee EL Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Some inputs require numerical values e.

AS / NZS Lightning Protection – AG – Australian Business Licence and Information Service

A receding local thunderstorm is no longer a threat when more than 30 min have elapsed after the last thunder is heard. Tall trees and surrounding buildings may shield a structure from lightning strikes. Some special hazard factors also need to be considered. Independently nzw these electrically-related effects, temporary or permanent hearing impairment may be experienced as a consequence of the extremely high sound pressure levels associated with a nearby lightning strike.

This segregation of a part of a building is only valid under the following conditions: These checks are particularly important when planning and undertaking activities involving groups and large numbers of people. In some workplaces employees who work within larger buildings may be unaware of the changing outside weather conditions, and may not be aware that it may be unsafe to use telephone systems.

It is based on determining the likely number of lightning discharges and also estimates the probability and consequences. Direct and nearby cloud-to-ground lightning discharges can be hazardous to persons, structures, installations and many xs things in or on them.

Similarly, if it were considered acceptable for such a loss to occur, on average, once every years, Ra for loss of economic value would be set at