ASRAR E HAQIQI [HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISTI] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a very old book written by the great. In this magazine one other magazine Israr-e- Haqiqi by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is also added to the reader’s response to reading many secrets of the. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi.

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Due to the shame of the sins he should not raise his head and in every condition he should treat with humility and asgar. Allah Ka Faqeer Read more.

But the thing in this matter is that if the milk feeding boy will be served with heavy dish of sweets and mutton and other heavy foods will be given to him then it will be caused harmful to that boy and upon becoming that boy adult at that time if he will give any food item and drink then it will not cause harmful to him.

We are our unknown and there are no our names There is no share for us from beginning and ending We depend on the things of trust of Allah we belong to the people of comfort and problems We have left all things of the world un-necessarily But we know Allah does our work in our favour We are people of love so listen, Sheikh and Brahman What we can say to you about infidelity and our Islam We stay in the desert and why should go to the garden If whether there is no beloved there which belong to us Since the beginning, our fate is shining highly And so what will do fortune to us for this reason Islam when it will become strong oh Khamos 29 Then in my heart, there will be comfort and calm 5.

On his tongue, there was used to be Islamic creed with humbleness and modesty. But it is not easy to identify the heart of reality. So that they should get the right person in the right meaning and leave the path of misleading and come on the path of the right way. So that it may not be spend in the careless in this matter.


When any person after knowing of this then he will do the work with the truth then he feels such thirstiness in this matter like that he would have drunken many cups of fire. Naqoosh e Sidra Jamal Read more.

Israr e Haqiqi

Muqadma Tul Quran Read more. So from that time I have left over and made comprise with everybody. The meaning of mortality 24 is that they do not get the secrets of Allah. Aziz Sailani marked it as to-read May 28, So such people should live in the company of the perfect spiritual master to cleanse the rubbish of the pride of sensuality and will habitat and get environment of the knowledge of Allah.

Gumnaam Adeeb Read more.

Israr e Haqiqi by Muin ud Din Chishti Ajmeri

The precept and practice of such fasting persons belong to the un-related. And the poor persons can able to arrange for food and drink haqoqi them with easiness. It means he should not have knowledge of the unrelated and he should take away each and every kind of desire and each and every kind of fear from his heart. Usman Khalid is currently reading it Oct qsrar, He was arrived in Delhi many times and he was left from there but he was settled down in the city of Ajmare only.

Hadrat Umar told him, sir, how this knowledge of Allah which is having 14 in asrag slave could not say the name of the owner and his remembrance. If you will act upon this saying of the prophet of Allah then you will not be required any knowledge. They will run behind the adornment of the world as well as for the lust of sensual and also wander here and there for this purpose.

And except Allah, there should no more demand or aim of any other thing. Bast O Kushad Read more. Umar those learning persons and Islamic jurists and Salikin mystics of without Mazub one lost in divine meditation they were not seeking of the favour in the company of the perfect spiritual master. Umar the example of the prophets is like that of doctors. Guftagu 11 Read more. Then sit on the knee balance of love. In the heart everything asrat keeping away except Allah then one can able to get aim or purpose in this matter.


Because the salvation of the both worlds come under these benefits. Then its purpose can be available in this way.

Israr E Haqiqi

At haqiq time his calm will become no calm and his comfort will become discomfort. Then he can see Him and listen to Him.

But they wear the robe and turban and find aarar dress of great Sufi masters. After that, I have thought over the following verse of the Quran and its meaning and its translation and interpretation are as follows. To write about this great author is not only difficult, but a very hard task as he was not only a great and pious personality of his 6 time in India but was also a great author of many books.

And I do not want that you get more than this. If Allah will give eyes then he should see on every way His face only except this he should not see any other thing. The wife of the Sheikh told all details of bread with butter mixed in the dough which used to appear from hawiqi prayer mat of the Sheikh on a daily basis to the wife of the grocery shop owner.

I know myself their position and status in this matter. Dastoor Tazkiya E Nafs Read more. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.