Seta-Shell Four Ball Autoload Lubricant Tester for ASTM D, ASTM D, IP We perform grease testing by ASTM D to measure the load-carrying properties or load wear index of lubricating grease using a four ball test apparatus. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum.

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Taking this precautionary measure assures reliability and performance of equipment. Determines resistance of a lubricating grease to washout by water Result values and what they mean: Three measurements go into determining the LWI.

It was found that all three greases showed good mechanical shear stability, antiwear performance and extreme pressure characteristics consistent with the specifications to which each individual grease was designed. Simply put, all the grease samples were found to be compatible with one another. About the Author John Kurosky. This becomes important when maintenance teams are trying to reduce the number of greases that are being purchased. Seven tests for selecting the right grease Seven tests for selecting the right grease Greases are used to overcome real-world problems presented by operating environments and operating conditions of mechanical equipment.

What the test measures: Table 2 presents a selection of data points showing how low-level contamination by water and a lesser performing grease resulted in a reduction in performance of a higher performing product. Welding can be detected if any of the following are noticed:. Acids, caustics and cleaning solutions can break grease down and corrode metal.

A critical part of this assessment is working with a lubricant supplier with the specific industry know-how, and the proper testing procedures in place to ensure maximum grease compatibility and performance, promoting business success and profitability. The Best Gets Better: Determines a greases ability to withstand repeated mechanical stress. The 4 Ball EP test machine operates in a sliding or asym motion. Because percent grease replacement is unlikely, some level of contamination is certain to occur, requiring the pre-implementation measurement of leftover grease with a new product before finalizing an upgrade or d256 process change.


The result is breakdown of grease, cold welding or galling.

Results are reported as percent change expressed in whole numbers with a functional range from 0 to percent. Relubricate frequently, taking care not ast overlubricate, especially motors. The purpose of this test is to determine the wear preventive characteristics of a lubricant.

Grease Sampling Methods Matter.

Maximizing Grease Performance Through Optimal Compatibility

The lower the percent weight loss the less likely the grease will wash out. The higher the number, the greater the long-term protection.

Click Awtm to see Tables 1 and 2. The Leon-Maxwell number is an excellent method to quickly and accurately evaluate a grease protection potential and as an indication of a greases ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

It is best to both increase the frequency and reduce the volume. The lower the number, the less likely the grease will oxidize and the longer it will last on the shelf. An overview of a recently performed aviation grease study by Anderol demonstrates the necessity of proper grease testing within the actual manufacturing environment. A graphic asrm showing the dramatic difference in load-carrying capability between two grease samples sample No.

Determines resistance of lubricating greases to oxidation and helps determine shelf life of grease. The lower the percent change, the greater the mechanical stability of the grease.


The higher the number the greater load-carrying ability. Testing Overview More often than d259, intermixed grease analysis shows minimal changes in grease performance, but this cannot be taken as the rule without proper assessment.

Dropping point ASTM test: In addition, x2596 possible the supplier should be present throughout a grease changeout to make sure the new grease runs correctly.

ASTM D2596 – 15

Scar size is d5296 on a test specimen. The result is metal-to-metal asm, premature wear and increased heat. Current Issue Archive Advertise. Figure 2 shows how the performance of a grease can be reduced by contamination from water or a lesser performing grease. Understanding compatibility and contamination is the first step to optimal grease performance, plant operations and return on investment.

In the last issue, we described how tribological properties of a lubricant can be measured using the SRV. Oxidation stability ASTM test: Select greases designed for the environment in which the equipment is operating.

The lower the mm, the more protection a grease provides. Imagine the test as a routine traffic light. Results are reported in adtm kg with a functional range from kg to kg. In addition, because equipment users usually do not have the proper resources to perform testing themselves, it is the responsibility of the grease supplier to measure grease compatibility with dropping point, penetration and high-temperature performance test machines.

In d2956 cases, performance properties of the mixed greases may be less than the lower performing grease, yet still meet customer specifications and requirements.