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Because of its power it can transform anything. Thoughts also make the world. What is the dual task? When they examine themselves they look only for negative actions, and negative thoughts. Thank you Big Sis, and come home soon. Those who practice creating powerful thoughts will always do what they intend to do.

The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada | bkdclasses

The Father does not create any waste creation. Bapdada is always cooperative with the children. These feelings are the signs of waste thought.

Keep on accumulating the power of pure thoughts, and then the waste will be finished off. Thus you remain empty. Because they enjoy the taste of listening to it, for the duration of the murli they remain joyously enjoying the taste bapcada it.

BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

Because you were busy trying to accomplish other things, you remained unable to fly. Since you know the secret of the drama, and you are the knowers of the beginning, middle and end. Consequently, at this time, all will observe whatever act you perform, and do likewise. Secondly though your intellect you have understood the method for creating pure thoughts avhakt destroying negative or waste thoughts.


In the same way if you say: This means you must inculcate the power to avyaktt. Constantly avyakkt and add to your power of pure thoughts. Then you would start screaming: You will be free from having to labour. How is it that you, who have to manage such a vast project, you souls who have been made instruments for accomplishing such a huge task, how is it that you find yourselves free?

The speed of thought, or the mental state of the residents of Madhuban Mount Abu radiates in all directions. The special mechanism of the power of silence is pure thought. So also any thought of yours directed toward any soul, or any word spoken to any soul, become blessings for that soul. In addition you will always consider yourself to be simply a guest. This is why those created though these powerful thoughts are also powerful themselves.

If your thought is not elevated then you would only get an ordinary status within the new world that is afyakt created. Waste thoughts should not be running in your mind even beforehand. I am indeed the easy Raja Yogi of every kalpa. The waste repeatedly pulls you down. To the extent that your line is clear with the one Father and the knowledge he has described; and to the extent that you are practiced in remaining busy in serving through that knowledge.

Then your thoughts lack power and your karma lacks success. If you are always cooperative with everyone and remain always stable in yoga then you will also certainly be free from bondages.


You have already overcome the opinions of the scriptural scholars, the ideologies of the gurus, the ideas of your worldly relatives. Past matters or attitudes must all be finished off; this is cleanliness.

Become experienced in being the deity who dwells in heaven, as you listen to points about avaykt. Self-control means that you apply your intellect only to whatever you want, whenever you wish, then you will develop a refined and subtle intellect. In the same way the small disobediences myrli this life become a burden, and this prevents you from experiencing the stage that you want.

Why you are not able to discern, is because you are not free from negative thoughts.

Now you must give special attention avyaot this speciality. Then you justify your words saying: Where there is firm determination, it is impossible for you not to gain success. Because the firm faith or the power of the essence of the evident fruit is not there, the siddhi success will also not be tangible.

In the world when too many children are produced, the parents are unable to raise them properly. Even at the time of destruction, you will remember this time of attainment. So the account of waste must be finished off and the account of the powerful must be constantly accumulated.