Does anyone have or know where I might find a manual for a Azden PCSH 6 meter? Thank you. WY. wAALIM. AZDEN. 2m FM TRANSCEIVER. PCSOCH). INSTRUCTION MANUAL Unpack your PCS(H) carefully and make sure that it is supplied . This is the manual page for Azden. Here you will find instruction manuals, service manuals, user guides PCS Instruction , Kbytes.

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That is, the CTCSS frequencies, of which there are 38 in common use, are not actually displayed by the Azden during the Pl selection process.

To quote from the manual, “Note: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Home Forum Video Cameras Azden pcs h Posted by Anonymous on Jul 26, The recelv- er isn’t razor-sharp, but suffices nicely with the 20 kHz ,anual spacing common ly used on 6 meters.

Login to post Please use English characters only. The radio as reviewed is good.


But the rig always “powers up” on memory AO, regardless of where you used it last. Relays work fine, and Azden claims they’ve never had one fail, even in prolonged packet radio service, but their switching “turnaround” speed is rather slow compared with solidstate pc-s7500h, and if the radio is used for packet, the user may have to re-set switching parameters in his TNC program.

Please enter a valid email address. A listing of manufactu rer’s ra tings vs. With the improvements Azden has planned, such as eliminating the twO-digit Pl tone codes, it will be even better.

Azden pcs 7500h manual – Video Cameras

Since I’m not so amazing, I had 10 constantly refer to a chart on page 14 of the instruction manual to determine which twodigit code corresponded to pcs-7500 Pl tone frequency. Thus, even if they are on the same frequency, you might not get any audio or the audio might sound quite funny. There ‘s not a lot of packet activity on six anyway, but if you really wanted to, you could ho me-brew a PIN diode modification fairly easily.


What can I do to get the DVR to recognize my camera?

Azden PCSH Specifications |

Not finding what you are looking for? One might think that a VHF rig with a lirst IF at 14 MHz could be easily interfered with by strong 20 meter signals, but I didn’t find this to be a problem. Most aren’t meaningful, but I started 10 proolr ea d the man ual in sea rc h o f erro r s a azdrn d stopped w hen I found a d ozen by the fourth page. The max point reward for answering a question is A Zd en Corporation is the only manufactur- er of mon oband mobile FM tran sceivers for all the popular bands from 28 through MHz and really has a corner on the ma rkel for 6 and 10 meier FM rigs.

Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. The Azden is unique in that it only stores the memory data when you turn the rig off, and then back on.

AZDEN has great quality and affordable price. I must say, Azden’s service in this instance was remarkable. The PA circuit board also contains a discrete driver stage 2SCthe t herm al detector which switches on a cooling fan if the heat-sink temperature gets too hot, the VSWR protection detector c ircuit which shuts the transmitter down if a gross antenna mismatch occursand a bandpass filter ci rcuit which is in line with the antenna to both the receiv er and the transmitter.

Try turning off fluorescent lights. That means that I can’t transfer videos from the 8mm cassettes to a DVD disk. One drawback to the discrete PA stage is Its cr itical tun ing: And if you depress the “up” or “down” pcs-750h0 more than momentarily, the azdej begins scann ing through the memory channels very quickly, much too fast to stop on the channel of your choice.

Instead, tones are selected and displayed by two -digit codes which might only be memorized by The Amazing Kreskin. Programming the PCSH takes some getting used to if you are more familiar with one of the other brands of equipment. In speaking with local 6 meter repealer owners,! Brad Brown Pc-7500h 3 Expert Answers. It is a fine -looking radiO, w ith every single panel qzden ill uminated w ith pcs-750h dark o ra nge glow for easy viewing.


Th leads on lhese devices have been lfimmed to 0. Th ree AC and three DC vol! It was, and t he new microphone produced clear, crisp modulation that received compliments on the air. This procedure is required to get each setting pregrammed in and then to get out of the programming mode. This is frustrating, especially si nce all my other modern FM transceivers “remember” where they were last used and “power up” on the last-used channel.

Ne w and improved manuals manua, in the works. I must admit that many modern FM mobile rigs still don’t contain this feature. Sid Wolin at Azden in New York did advise that the newer-generation PCS series unavailable at this writing would incorporate a new microprocessor which allowed direct Pl frequency address and readout, as on their handle-talkies.

The PCSH does de liver 50 watts as rated into a perfect 50 ohm resistive load, but power output falls off rapidly when the transmitter is faced with any mismatch at all. Dec 29, Sony Video Cameras.

And the rig is beautifu pcd-7500h, especially at nig ht when one can enjoy all the warmly lit controls. Sep 06, Aiptek Cameras. But for an affordable, single-band 6 meter FM rig, it’s almost the only game pc-7500h town. Please assign your manual to a product: Different manufacturers use different companding, noise reduction, and squelch schemes.