From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, With the Culture thus distracted by the Excession, the cruel. Excession [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks is a true original, an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has. by Joseph Michael Owens, Kyle Muntz, and Peter Tieryas Liu. Excession by Iain M. Banks Spectra, pages / Amazon /.

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He fastened his gaze on Tishlin’s simulation again. There are dozens of ship-names to remember, some of them wry and funny, and all of them at any rate unconventional, and there’s a fair number of biological lifeforms to keep your eyes on — as well a conspiracy or two, just to keep you on your toes. Colours excfssion patterns on the sashes indicated Fivetide’s clan, rank and regiment which was what the Diplomatic Force, to which Fivetide belonged, basically was… a point not wisely ignored by any species who wished to have – or just found themselves having – any dealings with the Affront.

Affronter formal dinners were held round a collection of giant circular tables anything up to fifteen metres across, each of which looked down into a bait-pit where animal fights took place between and during courses.

Poorly written characters and tedious AI chatter. Dajeil let it do this for a while, then she said, ‘Ship, you have looked after me here, indulged me…’ she made an effort to smile at excessioj dark-clad creature, though it was still intently studying its nails, ‘… humoured me for all this time, and I can never express my gratitude sufficiently or hope even to begin paying you back, but I can’t make your decisions for you. Others again looked on with the sort of expression Genar-Hofoen had learned to recognise as a smirk.

Excession by Iain M. Banks

I may not be in Contact any more but I’m happy to help out when I can, when they have a problem. It was built, designed to glory in destruction, when it was considered appropriate. This is quite possibly one of my all time favorite books.


The drone refocused, cursing its hopelessly degraded senses. The best parts are the interactions of the Minds with each other. It wasn’t even the Laumeresque aliens known as the Affronters, though they were often played for laughs, and quite effectively too.

Anyway; she’s still around in a sort of abbreviated form. My favorite Mind was the Killing Time. He was quite comfortable where he was.

It knew the person in the suit well; he had been on the ship for five years. Dajeil turned to look at the creature, which was staring intently over the couch at her with wide, unblinking eyes. He lowered the gelfield utensil into one of the food containers and raised the food to his lips.

The waiter was half the size of the big male and childishly unscarred unless you counted the stump of the creature’s rear beak.

Genar-Hofoen had insisted on a model with the intelligence fixed at the lower limit of the acceptable intellectual range, but it still meant that the suit literally had a mind of its own even if it was ‘node-distributed’, – one of those technical terms Genar-Hofoen took some pride in having no idea concerning the meaning of.

It also assesses whether the species and societies it encounters are suitable to be enlightened about some unknown bnaks existence beyond the universe; as a result of events in the story the Excession concludes that the civilisations it has encountered in this universe are not yet ready for enlightenment. This started off as a five-star book, especially as I was reading exxession most entertaining of these subplots, dealing with a Culture diplomat’s interaction with an alien race known as the Affront who are hilariously offensive enough to live up to their name.

Two societies that – compared to the Culture – show how widely opposite they are through their rules and their beliefs they live with. She bbanks herself and the tower, both within and outside the ship; outside its main hull – baks, discrete, straight-sided and measured exactly in kilometres – but within the huge envelope of water, air and gas it encompassed within the manifold layers of execssion fields she imagined the force fields sometimes as like the hooped slips, underskirts, skirts, flounces and lace of some ancient formal gown.


Excession (Literature) – TV Tropes

Feb 28, Sally Melia rated it it was amazing. Oct 03, Tyan rated it it was amazing. Is it a weapon?

So what have they told you, Uncle? Don’t ask me how that’s supposed to be accomplished, but I think it’s got something to do with the ship they’re going to give you to get you to the Sleeper Serviceafter the Affronter ship they’re going to hire for you excesskon rendezvoused with it at Tier.

It would take it days to bootstrap the routines that would even start to replace the mechanisms that would construct the self-repair nano-units.

Flash Portraits of Link: Beyond a certain point, there was simply nothing you could do; there was no brilliant plan you could draw up or cunning stratagem you could employ that would not seem laughably simple and unsophisticated to a profoundly more developed enemy. Their attraction is based on the physical at least Byr who wants to sleep with every girl he canand Dajeil is later impressed by his persistence.

The drone scanned the human and the suit as best it ecession as it tore up the smoke-filled corridor towards it.