KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other odors from municipal and industrial. KCH Engineered Systems designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to remove high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and other. A biotrickling filter is a combination of a biofilter and a bioscrubber. The process of biotrickling filtration is, as is also the case with biofilters and bioscrubbers.

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The most biotrick,ing utilized bioreactors for air pollution control are biofilters and biotrickling filters. In order to keep salt concentrations within acceptable limits, one section must be discharged and filled with fresh water. H 2 S was introduced into the biotricklng filters from the bottom after flowing through the flow meter and the treated gas exhausted from the top.

Quantity is determined by the load and composition of flue gases. The airflow rate was kept at 6.

Biofilters and Biotrickling filters | SOS Hygiene

The study suggests that the biotrickling filters were capable of withstanding different conditions of starvation with rapid recovery to high removal efficiency when starvation ceases. The discharged sludge must be carried away. The viable microorganism number was a major indicator for the restart of the bioreactors. Therefore, the bioreactor could meet the demand of industrial operation to resist the shock loads. Filrer identical bench-scale biotrickling filters were used Fig.

This is probably due to the loss of moisture in the biotrivkling.

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The live bacteria number decreased slowest in experiment 3 with continuous oxygen and spray liquid, but fastest in experiment 4. Chemicals for pH correction. Table 1 Experimental design for H 2 S starvation. Compared with the biomass, the live bacteria numbers were a more important parameter for resuming high H 2 S removal efficiency after the starvation. Skip to main content.


The standard KCH Biotrickling Filter System incorporates an integral sump box and pump circulation system built into the vessel. The nutrient solution of spray water was as follows: The catalytic combustion of methane and hydrogen sulphide.

Biotrickling Filter Systems

Therefore, re-acclimation of the biotrickling filters after starvation was not a major limit factor for H 2 S removal. On the other hand, a toxic effect of higher concentration of H 2 S on the microbial communities could also lead to the decrease of removal efficiency by altering biotgickling carrier pH because the bioreactor could produce acidification phenomenon during the long-term operation, as reported in our previous study Xie et al.

KCH designs and manufactures a Biotrickling Filter System to biotricklng high levels of hydrogen sulfide H 2 S gas and other odors from municipal and industrial processes. The momentary response of the bioreactor to these abrupt changes in inlet concentration is presented in Fig. VAT Case study 3: Under proper operation, biological process is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. Re-acclimation of experiment 4 was slower than those of other biotrjckling experiments, which is correlated with the live microorganism numbers in the bioreactors.

Comparing the two experiments, it is noted that airflow is an important contributing factor to the overall biomass loss because of its shear stress and oxidation capacity. On the one hand, the experiments were carried out under the high liquid trickling velocity with 5 Filtfr of the nutrient solution, once 1 h in order to avoid the clogging of the bioreactor, which could limit the increase of biomass and further resulted in the ffilter of removal capacity in the bioreactor.

Received Mar 1; Accepted Jul 1.

A biotrickling filter is, in fact, a biotirckling biocatalytic oxidizer and is essentially made from a support carrier on which microorganisms are able to grow when optimal conditions are provided. Compared with other experiments, the live bacteria number was similar at the end of experiments 1 and 2 16 to 24 d in Fig.


Biofiltration is a pollution control technique using a bioreactor containing living material to capture and biologically degrade pollutants. This phase biotrickking become acidic.

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Elimination capacities of H 2 S have been correlated with the live microorganism count. A biotrickling filter is a combination of a biofilter and a bioscrubber. The dry biomass in the bioreactors was determined by regularly sampling the carrier with biofilm at same depth 35 cm.

Treatment of odor containing hydrogen sulfide released in the wastewater of pharmaceutical company by high efficient bioreactor with the packed stuffing. For practical operation considerations, it is important to obtain reliable biotricklng on the behaviors of biotrickling filters during long starvation and shock loads periods.

Contact us today, for one of our design engineers to evaluate your application and determine the optimum design parameters for your installation. In order to feed the biomass, the required nutrients are added to the water.

The polluted components absorb in the liquid film and are decomposed by the bacteria.

In experiments 2 and 3, the spray liquid with 3 L nutrient solution biitrickling supplied every 1 h. Overall, the results show that the bioreactor could meet the demand of industrial operation to resist the shock loads and starvation condition for H 2 S removal.

There was one port in each section of the biotrickling filter for carrier sampling and gas pressure measurement. Inorganic Media Guaranteed for 10 Years.

Hydrogen sulfide removal by a novel fixed-film bioscrubber system.