Pharaoh has ratings and 39 reviews. Hadrian said: A dense and wandering story about the fictional pharaoh Rameses XIII and his inability to manage. Pharaoh has ratings and 39 reviews. Deanne said: It was ok but very long winded, lots of side tracks and the main characters were difficult to like. The Pharaoh and the Priest (Polish: Faraon) is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. It was the sole historical novel.

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Alone in his fight he realizes that in political games people not always play fair A world full of co A masterpiece! Composed over a year’s time in —95, serialized in —96, and published in book form init was the sole historical novel by an author who had earlier disapproved of historical novels on the ground that they inevitably distort history.

Prus, a disciple of Positivist philosophytook pharaob strong interest in the history of science. One of the books I read for my Polish A level many years ago.

Prus closes his introduction with the statement that the narrative “relates to the eleventh century before Christwhen the Twentieth Dynasty fell and when, after the demise of the Son of the Sun the eternally living Ramses XIII, the throne was seized by, and the uraeus came to adorn the brow of, the eternally living Son of the Sun Sem-amen- HerhorHigh Priest of Amon.

Il voulait plutot faire discuter les polonais. By forcing reforms he becomes an enemy to Herhor and other priests, pruz using all possible methods try to defend their position and estetes. He was the leading representative of realism in 19th-century Polish literature and remains a distinctive voice in world literature. One was a transport canal from Memphis to Lake Timsah [in ancient times, the northern terminus of the Red Sea ], the other—a highway.


Heronika rated it it was ok Jan 05, He was aware of Eratosthenes ‘ remarkably accurate calculation of the earth’s circumferenceand the invention of a steam engine by Heron of Alexandriacenturies after the period of his novel, in Alexandrian Egypt.

Lisez Le Pharaon si vous croyez avoir un parent ou un ami qui en discutera avec vous par la suite. Il ne cherchait pas a promouvoir un plan d’action.

Ramses proves himself a brilliant military commander in a victorious lightning war against the invading Libyans. Ancient Egypt at the end of its New Kingdom period is experiencing adversities.

Paperbackpages. Prus manage to ilustrate that period so vividly that you will think you have travelled back in time. Well, no one can accuse the author of being too laconic or careless, but neither I managed to get to like the main character, nor get interested in the story.

This book, written in the end of 19th century, still remains valid. Yes, I think Prus delivers on all of these.

The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt by Bolesław Prus

Chapter LV, part 2. Monika Walker rated it it was ok Nov 21, LibriVox recording of the Polish original. And it turned out to be a good idea because I actually liked it this time. In Pharaoh was adapted as a Polish feature film directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz. The fact that Lykaon could be hypnotised and then s I remember reading this for my Polish class when I was about 14 but I pharaph a feeling I should read it again in a more conscious way.

The young protagonist Ramses learns that those who would challenge the powers that be are vulnerable to co-option, seduction, subornation, defamation, intimidation and assassination. Pharaoh has been translated into twenty languages and adapted as a Polish feature film. Lists with This Book.


Le Pharaon est un roman sur l’art de la politique et du gouvernement. The plot is also very characteristic of then view of Egypt. Preparatory to writing PharaohPrus immersed himself in ancient Egyptian history, geography, customs, religion, art and writings. Pharaoh is, in a sense, an extended study of the metaphor of society -as- organism that Prus had adopted from English philosopher and sociologist Herbert Spencerand that Prus makes explicit in the introduction to the novel: There’s something obviously interesting here, but it’s hampered by the clunky and probably wrong translation.

Pharaoh, Prus’ only historical novel, is a pharaob of political power and statecraft, set in ancient Egypt at the fall of its 20th Dynasty and of the New Kingdom.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Chapter LXI, part 1.

Faraon by Bolesław Prus

Ensuite, le Pharaon est considere le chef d’oeuvre de celui qui est considere le chef du file du mouvement positiviste qui a domine la litterature polonaise pendant le Je recommende ce roman qui m’a coute moins que deux piastres de Kobo a tous ceux qui ont un e partenaire polonais e et qui veulent discuter de la litterature avec les beaux-parents pour plusieurs reasons. He barely managed but his adversary high priest Herhor used one thing which prince did not have Published January 1st by Hippocrene Books first published One of the books I read for my Polish A level many years ago.

What for, then, this sculpting for which one pays in pain and bloody tears?