Overload, Description. Export(String,OutputRange,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. Export(String,Boolean), Exports the document to a disk file. C1PrintDocument’s native C1DB format ExportProvider. Class, C1dExporter, Represents an object that can be used to export a document to C1D format. Class. Represents a ComponentOne Document. Represents a document that can be previewed, printed or exported to an external format.

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Gets or sets a value indicating whether the end user should be prevented from reflowing the document with different page settings. PrinterMeasurementPrinterName specifies the printer. Indicates whether an inline paragraph c1lrintdocument currently being created on the document. The default is System. Now gets the description of the first element in the Warnings collection, or an empty string if there are no warnings.

Begins a new line in inline flow, can be used only if current stacking is inline flow. Derived classes must override the ImageExportProvider. The C1Pdf supports the creation digital signatures in two mode. UserData Gets or sets arbitrary data associated with the current document.

How To: Export Multiple C1TrueDbGrids to a Single PDF

SystemTags Gets the collection of system tags objects derived from TagSys associated with the current document. The abstract base class for C1dExporter and C1dxExporter classes. MeasurementPrinterName Gets or sets the name of the printer used to provide System.


Tags Gets the TagCollection representing the collection of user-defined Tag objects in the current document. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This script executes after the page has been added to the Pages collection but before it is resolved i. Height – 50 ; So the pdf generation code becomes:.

ComponentOne / ComponentOne Studio Forum

Graphics object to use as reference when generating the report. Gets the collection of fonts embedded in the current document.

RenderInlineBegin Begins rendering of a new inline paragraph into the Body of the current document, using the specified Style and dimensions. CurrentPageArea Gets the current c1pringdocument area of page, returns null if document in not generating state. For example, if the document has a page footer or header that includes the total page count of the kind “Page X of Y”this property gets false while new pages are c1prinydocument added, but true when adding new pages is over and the total page count is being updated on the rendered pages.

Add digital signature to each page.

Initializes a new instance of the C1PrintDocument class. Gets or sets the default unit of measurement for the current document. Selects a device to use for MeasurementGraphics. Sign up using Facebook. C1Report to Microsoft Excel C1. Adds the internally maintained RenderGraphics object created with a previous call to RenderBlockGraphicsBegin to the block flow of the current document.


We will also set VisibilityReasonHandler properties of the signature. Specifies the type of encryption to use for a password-protected PDF document. FormatVersion Gets a C1FormatVersion object representing the version of the document persistence format supported by the current assembly.

For more information, contact Amy Reese at press grapecity. Below is the code what I use.

C1PrintDocument Class Members

Adds an arc to the Body of the current document at a specific position on the current page, and resolves it. Represents a form for editing the export options used by an XlsExporter. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie c1printdocumetnand that your expory use of the website is subject to these policies.

If an exception occurs, that log is available in the exception data. This property is a shortcut for DocumentPageLayouts.