The Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona . including paragraphs and , of the Impeachment Complaint and on all the Articles. The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno comes 5 years after her predecessor, the late Renato Corona, was. Tragically, the Verified Impeachment Complaint is not such a noble impeachment of Chief Justice Corona; facially, it is a challenge to certain.

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The senators asks questions on fair market values of real properties. One of the reasons underlying the adoption of Section 15 as part of Article VII was to eliminate midnight appointments by an outgoing Chief Executive, as contemplated in Aytona v.

Enrile replied that it is up to the senators if they want to ask the witness questions. Rutaquio presented the certificate of complalnt of condominium units at the Bellagio worth She then arranged to check if the original documents were still in the vault. It must be emphasized that CJ Corona cannot be held accountable for the outcome of impeachmment before the Supreme Court which acts as a collegial tribunal. In effect, the Complaint calls upon the Impeachment Court to review certain decisions of the Supreme Court.

This is for establishing that Corona had already established ties with Arroyo even when she was serving as Vice President, and prior his appointment to the Supreme Court. Corona was said to have accused Senior Justice Antonio Carpio of lobbying with the other Justices to secure Webb’s acquittal.

Documents on the Corona impeachment trial

In the case of Sereno, the complaint filed by Gadon includes in its grounds for impeachment “numerous acts that comprise culpable violation of the Constitution, corruption, other high crimes, and betrayal of public trust. The allegation is unfounded. The most fundamental of these principles is the rule that a man is responsible only for the natural, logical consequences of his acts. The complaint also alleges that Corona and his wife acquired a sq. The Supreme Court uniformly treats all such letters as official communications impeachmnt it must act corkna when warranted.


Senator Jinggoy Estrada asked on the prosecution’s release of the list to the media, but the prosecution said they did not. While Corona may be primus inter pares among the magistrates, he surely has only one vote out of No letter to the Supreme Court is treated in secret. Charter Change Laws and legal codes. Defense counsel Cuevas asked the Senate to remove the second article of the complaint.

Full text of Corona’s reply to the impeachment complaint vs him

Her appointment did not in any way influence the voting of CJ Corona when he eventually joined the Court. In these three cases, the impeachment complaint tries to pin down Corona for collegial actions of the Supreme Court.

Initial action on the petition or complaint. Disregard portions of de Lima testimony”. Unlike the Sereno complaint, which has so far taken two whole days of committee hearings, the complaint against Corona went directly to the Senate which acted as the impeachment court.

In the end, she was allowed to testify although any imleachment on Corona’s ill-gotten wealth will be disallowed.

In a matter of hours, of congressmen signed the verified complaint against Corona, which allows it to be transmitted directly to the Senate without undergoing House committee deliberations.

It was merely complainnt to the proper division—which has yet to resolve it. The defense said that they will still present evidence on the five dropped articles, coronna ask the Senate to acquit Corona on those. How Corona realigned savings from regular appropriations, including those for unfilled positions in the Judiciary, may be evaluated by looking into the Supreme Court’s Statement of Allotment, Obligation and Balances [ permanent dead link ] SAOB for submitted to the DBM.

It is a drastic appeal to restore respect for the sovereignty of the people. The prosecution presented an “alpha list”, a document submitted by a company listing its employees, salary, and tax withheld. Rodrigo Duterte16th President of the Philippines. Firstly, lawyers and litigants often write the Supreme Court or the Chief Justice regarding their cases.

To be sure, the Justices of the Court tangled with each other in a spirited debate and submitted their concurring and dissenting opinions.


Consistently with the intrinsic nature of a collegiate court, the individual members act not as such individuals but only as a duly constituted court.

Impeachment of Renato Corona

Although some Justices may not have received copies of the petition, the Member-in-Charge of the case prepared and furnished the other Justices copies of a detailed report on the petition and recommending the issuance of a TRO.

After the Thursday session, the senators had differing opinions on the legality of Corona’s financial statements. Justice Nachura belonged to the Third Division, when under applicable rules, jurisdiction over the case remained with his former Division.

Finally, Complainants allege in par. If the case is classified as a Division case, the Clerk of Court shall furnish the same copies to the Office of the Clerk of Court of the Division to which the same Member-in-Charge belongs and to the Division Chairperson. This is not the forum for hearing and deciding those complaints.

The Senate received Corona’s answer on December 26 which asked for the Senate to dismiss the case for “failing to meet the requirements of the Constitution. More importantly, the opinion of Justice Sereno is a mere dissent, and is not the controlling opinion; it is just her opinion.

Corona impeachment rap flawed–IBP | Inquirer News

She replied that the BIR exhausted all efforts, including alpha lists. In any case, Arroyo was able to comply with this condition within the 5-day period. The Ayala Heights property, which cost 8 million pesos, was owned by Corona’s wife, and was transferred to a certain Rodel Rivera and his wife. The senators asked the prosecution on how many properties the Coronas really have. Surely, the blitzkrieg adoption of the Complaint was only possible by the indispensable concerted action of the majority coalition, dominated by the Liberal Party headed by President Aquino.