Crowds and Power [Elias Canetti, Carol Stewart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which . CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I evident when Canetti cannot avoid referring to Freud’s Schreber case, but resorts to destructive power of crowds has never been explained; he fails to mention.

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Canetti’s is not a totally straight-forward scholarly account of the psychology of crowd behavior, if that’s what you’re looking for; but more of a mythological anthropology of its undercurrents and symbols.

Crowds and Power

Elias Canetti, the Nobel Prize-winning author of this book, would be unhappy to learn that he’s now best known as Iris Murdoch’s one-time lover. Dat soort identificatie, waarbij het ik door totale inleving daadwerkelijk in de ander metamorfoseert, is de machthebber uiteraard een gruwel.

I found dazzling new insights and alternative takes on subjects I thought I had settled my mind about long ago. Jun 29, Brett Green rated it liked it Shelves: Uses many anthropoligical examples, although some links are more tenuous than others. Jul 17, Mayim de Vries rated it it was amazing.

Keep in mind that Canetti was writing in the structuralist heyday of the late ’50s and early ’60s– this was a time when Marshall McLuhan was doing his thing with media, and when the name of Freud still held a mighty sway over psychology. Here, Canetti considers the human tendency to gather into groups, packs, herds and large crowds. The crowd is a “mysterious and universal phenomenon,” he writes.

The Survivor in Primitive Belief. I read and re-read this book from front to back numerous times.

Canetti, Elias + Theodor Adorno: Crowds and Power | Introducing the Frankfurt School

Canetti’s final chapters on the use of power within crowds, to manipulate and lead them, are less satisfactory than his analysis of, as it were, naked crowd dynamics.

Dit boek geeft ongehoord originele en inspirerende inzichten in de fenomenen massa en macht, en caneti inzichten in macht en bevel zijn naar mijn smaak zelfs snijdend en verontrustend. En het is bovendien intrigerend om als lezer jezelf onder te dompelen in het brein van een zo scherpzinnige, creatieve en oorspronkelijke denker en schrijver. But even here his insights are at least as provocative and stimulating as most organisational theorists today.


This is one of those philosophical works in which the author reimagines the world through one of the lenses of a compound eye. This increases the symbolic significance of these categories. Waar een normaal non-fictie boek ons poogt te overtuigen met argumentatie en logica, daar betovert Canetti ons met ongehoord originele essayistiek en met de enorme kracht van zijn metaforische beelden.

The book is andd exotic in its language, its examples, its leaps of reason, and once you absorb them it changes your worldview. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The best insights can sometimes come from meandering pathways. His definition of the ‘increase crowd’ which is crystallised around an associated ‘increase pack’ is not an irrelevant way to view modern corporate organisations.

April 25, by amarilla. Canethi found dazzling This is one of those philosophical works in which the author reimagines the world through one of the lenses of a compound eye. On the Psychology of Eating.

Elias Canetti was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in Maar Canetti lezen is voor mij wel een manier om de scherpe kantjes daarvan wat minder scherp te maken. This points to an objective reality that has sprung from our contemporary crisis—the crisis of self-preservation, of an instinct for survival gone wild.

En toch vallen de namen Hitler en Stalin maar heel sporadisch. I can’t event remember why I ever thought I wanted to read this, I guess I expected something about the psychology of crowds, not one guy’s opinion spewed from his high horse of elaborate nothingness. There comes a moment when “all who belong to the crowd get rid of their difference and feel equal. Personal freedom consists largely in having a defense against questions. In this study of the interplay of crowds, Canetti offers one of the most profound and startling portraits of the human condition.

Furthermore, Canetti believes that these packs are equivalent to our modern masses, except for the difference that masses strive to grow while packs do not generally strive for numeric growth.

Crowds and Power – Wikipedia

Among other things, Canetti’s wife used to greet Murdoch with a smile when she turned up for their trysts and then make lunch for all of them afterwards; as you can see, a cult leader kind of person Elias Canetti, the Nobel Prize-winning author of this book, would be unhappy to learn that he’s now best known as Iris Murdoch’s one-time lover. Mar 18, Mark Johnson rated it it was amazing.


En nog adembenemender schrijft hij over talloos verschillende vormen van macht, en over de biologische oervormen van het bevel. To ask other readers questions about Crowds and Powerplease sign up.

Here Canetti explains that in every command there is the threat of death You are warned that if you do not comply with orders from above, something bad will happen to you, like death for instance.

He relates that a lion on the prowl that reveals its presence to other animals by its roar has the effect of making them flee. The only way for individuals to be able to agree or consent to their own disempowerment is for them to reinterpret these complementary categories so as to make them seem meaningful, even irrational, and therefore sacred.

Ik ben en blijf kortom een rancuneuze lul die ook bij anderen rancuneuze angels zal blijven inplanten. Zowel de onschuldige aanraking als de gevaarlijke aanval ligt erin besloten, en iets van het laatste klinkt in het eerste altijd door”.

Canetti schrijft adembenemend over massa’s en meutes, en over de vele verschillende vormen inclusief de biologische oervormenfuncties en verlokkingen daarvan.

Nov 25, Philip marked it as to-read. Adorno points to the economic relations that are imposed on the value of a human life: Canetyi, the army canftti the church must be regarded as reaction-formations, namely regressions to social stages that are no longer reconcilable with present realities.

Canetti believes that one of the reasons people like to become part of a crowd is the relief they feel at this process of reversal. Armed with a lifetime of reading in anthropology, psychology, political science and rhetoric–and equipped with a crpwds traversing totalitarian governments, two world wars and knowledge of numerous languages–he weaves together stories of ancient and all-but forgotten cultures to me, at least in order ppwer draw implications for modern times.

En in latere hoofdstukken maakt hij helaas maar al te aannemelijk dat paranoia en grootheidswaanzin structurele componenten zijn van elk leiderschap. Of, in Canetti’s hamerende woorden: