CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Regulation Lecture Notes Anna University CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Lecture notes PP Notes 5TH. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Programming Paradigms CS PP free pdf! The Third Year,Fifth semester Anna. 5th semester Notes. GKM College Notes: 1. Software Engineering Programming Paradigms (PP or JAVA) (CS) (CS55) ( CS) Unit 1 – View /.

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But the word praadigms makes a more specific image in mind than vehicle, that the car has four wheels. Extract read and write locks: The following Why bother with so high a level of abstraction?

Once the class type has been defined we can create the variables of that type using declarations that are similar to the basic type declarations. A constructor is always called with the new operator.

Before Java SE 1. Discipline and idea The theory of concepts, and models of human interaction with real world phenomena Data as well ce2305 operations are encapsulated in objects Information hiding is used to protect internal properties of an object Objects interact by means of message passing A pxradigms for applying an operation on an object In most object-oriented languages objects are grouped in classes Objects in classes are similar enough to allow programming of the classes, as opposed to programming of the individual objects Classes represent concepts whereas objects represent phenomena Classes are organized in inheritance hierarchies Provides for class extension or specialization.

You can also define a single notex with type parameters. The Java language provides a synchronized keyword for this purpose, and Java SE 5. If we wish to prevent the subclasses from overriding the members of the superclass, we can declare them as final using the keyword final as a modifier.


For instance methods, this is the object that the method will access. Thread Pools The pool will run the submitted task at its earliest convenience. The calls all follow a standard form. In particular, there are classes to represent lines, rectangles, and ellipses: You can add values of any class: For buttons, as you might expect, an action event is a button click.

Lecture notes: Programming Paradigms

New Runnable Blocked Waiting Timed waiting Terminated New Threads When you create a thread with the new operator—for example, new Thread r —the thread is not yet running Runnable Threads Once you invoke the start method, the thread is in the runnable state. An operator or function can be given proramming meanings or functions.

E Civil 5th Semester Question Log records can be formatted in different ways, for example, in plain text or XML. TheArrayList class simply maintained an array of Object references: Wildcard It was lecturee for some time among researchers of type systems that a rigid system of generic types is quite unpleasant to use. All methods required by the specified interfaces; and All methods defined in the Object class toString, equals, and so on. This method is only valid after suspend has lfcture invoked.

This is prkgramming appeal of type parameters: The answers depend, of course, on the problem that we want to solve with the proxy mechanism. Inheritance and Generic-part I When you work with generic classes, you need to learn a few rules about ntes and subtypes. This class allows us to focus on generics without being distracted by data storage details.


Instead, you can define your own loggers. Use the info method to log an information message: Data abstraction also represents the needed information in the program without presenting the details.

Otherwise, if the Throwable is an instance of ThreadDeath, nothing happens. Explain Constructors with examples. Finally, generic classes can extend paradiggms implement other generic classes. Unlike in most collections, the size method does not necessarily operate in constant time.


Generic Class A generic class is a class with one or more type variables. A listener object is an instance of a class that implements a special interface called a listener interface. Actions It is common to have multiple ways to activate the same command. Elsewhere, casting the result of get to a String will cause an error. That means that the iterators may or may not reflect all modifications that are made after they were constructed, but they will not return a value twice and they will not throw a ConcurrentModificationException.

You could, for example, make your panel class implement any listener interface by the method used for MouseMotionListener in DragTest. When a subclass is derived from a derived class then this mechanism is known as the multilevel inheritance.