ANVISA Resolution – RDC n. 17, of April 16th I – Internal code name as a reference and DCB, if any; DCB), with the amount used of each one, using the. ANVISA. BRAZILIAN HEALTH REGULATORY AGENCY. Brazilian . List of Brazilian Non proprietary Names (DCB). documento emitido pela Anvisa atestando que determinado esta- belecimento IX – Denominação Comum Brasileira (DCB) – nomenclatura.

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For information on pharmaceutical patents, trade marks, competition law, patent licensing, generic entry, abuse of dominance and parallel imports, see Pharmaceutical IP and competition law anvusa Brazil: The sale of prescription medicines can only be made on presentation of a prescription.

It is doubtful whether it will be adopted into law. However, recent court decisions covering medicinal product liability include:.

Medicinal product regulation and product liability in Brazil: overview | Practical Law

Civil and criminal penalties can also be imposed, but only after civil or criminal court proceedings not directly by ANVISA. Recent case law In Brazil, case law is not binding. For similar biological products, the following two regulatory pathways were introduced:. Approving the import and export of medicines, granting marketing approval for medicines and granting and cancelling GxP certificates. Are there any mandatory requirements relating to medicinal product safety?

What are the main legislation and regulatory authorities for pharmaceuticals in your jurisdiction? ANVISA’s statutory role is to protect and promote public health by regulating the production and marketing authorisation of pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, household products, cosmetics, medical devices, smoking products, and new technologies relating to its mandate.

However, data package exclusivity for pharmaceutical products for human use is rather controversial. The claimant can file a civil lawsuit claiming individual damages civil liability. The possibility to request designation as a rare disease drug. With correct ingredients but fake packaging.


Do data protection laws impact on pharmaceutical regulation in your jurisdiction? A website selling medicines can only use the electronic domain com. When available, the results of phase IV studies should be submitted.


To prove the interchangeability of generic medicines, ANVISA requires the submission of bioavailability and bioequivalence assays:. Conversely, ANVISA has issued a brief statement that mobile applications with leisure and sporting purposes are not subject to its regulation. When there is sufficient evidence or confirmation of non-compliance posing a health risk, and if a marketing authorisation has been cancelled due to safety and efficacy anvias, Resolution No.

However, integral and universal access to therapeutic assistance does not mean access to all kinds of treatments. What commitments and pharmacovigilance obligations apply after a company has obtained marketing authorisation? Dcbb who commits these actions with products that:. However, the material is provided in Portuguese only. Are parallel imports of medicinal products into your jurisdiction allowed?

Publish the authorisation anvjsa licence in the Official Gazette. ANVISA often scb fines on companies perceived as marketing ethical medicines to the general public, including through disguised, non-direct advertising.

There is no guideline on how such provision will be implemented yet. Types of indemnity to cover possible injury resulting from the trial. Closing cdb, as a sanitary surveillance measure, manufacturing plants and any premises involved in the management, importation, storage, distribution and sale of health-related products and services, if the relevant legislation is violated, or if they constitute a likely health risk.


The whole process generally takes from one to two years, depending on the category of the medicine and on possible office actions that may be issued during ANVISA’s analysis.

ANVISA, as well as state and municipal entities, can impose administrative penalties such as fines for statutory sanitary infringement, after administrative prosecution.

The storage conditions, indicating the temperature range and storage conditions indicated by the medicine’s stability study.

This change in policy reflects a decision by ANVISA setting the end of as a deadline for similar medicines to submit bioequivalence tests for agency approval, which has always been required for generics. Medicines prepared by compounding pharmacies.

This sets out the penalties for infringing sanitary federal statutes and corresponding regulations, including criminal sanctions. Anyone who falsifies, corrupts, adulterates or dvb a product intended for therapeutic or medicinal use.

What defences are available to product liability claims? Indications and contra-indications of the product. Prices are reviewed annually in March and this review considers diverse factors, such as level dc inflation, productivity and sector competition.

Outline the key areas of law applicable to medicinal product liability, including key legislation and recent case law. Legal provisions Liability for defective medicinal products can arise under:. Period of authorisation and renewals The operating authorisation is valid indefinitely for ahvisa manufacturers. Among other issues of relevance, Resolution No.

ANVISA’s resolutions set out the specific and technical requirements for xcb marketing approvals for:. In the latter case, the device will need to comply with Resolution No.