Death Korps of Krieg formations come in two types: companies and support formations. Each company you include in the army allows you to field any two. A full platoon of Astra Militarum infantry; 51 resin miniatures in total; Includes a Death Korps Command section, 6 heavy weapon teams and 4, man infantry. I’ve played 8th for a couple of months very casually with a Death Guard I stumbled upon some Death Korps of Krieg miniatures and boy do they look cool. make also sure to get the normal Astra Mimitarum Codex from GW.

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Take 2 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer!

In war zones that mirrored the horrific state of their homeworld, the Death Korps regiments proved superior to other Imperial Guard Militarum Regimentum. Beat oc Smurfs at their own game!

Krieg in 8th edition… the unique units

Bobthehero Heroic Senior Officer Krieg! Essentially a named Lord Commissar with a power fist klaw that costs more than doublebut has a bunch of extra stuff on him. If you don’t want to over-invest in support, a Field Marshall can give them bring it down for effectively preferred enemy with their shotguns Plasma can now be fired safely at S7 AP-3 to deal with infantry, and can be supercharged to S8 and D2 to deal with heavy infantry and even vehicles.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Like everything else in Guard however, you need to ask yourself what you want your unit to be doing and give them the best loadout for that one job.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E) – 1d4chan

He further renounced the Emperor of Mankind deatj his divine master and political overlord. Arguably the most famous aside from the Baneblade itself, the ‘Titan-Killer’ mounts the incredibly powerful Volcano cannon, still capable of one-shotting Land Raiders even in an edition rife with tough vehicles and monsters with an impressive Strength of The Veterans are significantly worse than normal Veterans at shooting, with limited special weapons access on top of their nerfed BS, in that coxex can only take 2 special weapons in the squad, with no kireg flamer or heavy weapons team; the squad amounts to a tax on the drill, because it is so much worse than your other options, but it can still do ok with a pair of flamers.


Automatically Appended Next Post: On the firepower side of things, hellstrike missiles are no longer one-use only but you can fire only 1 per turn. Commissars assigned to Krieg regiments are not required to maintain order and zeal, as is normally the case, kriet rather, to ease interaction between Krieg and non-Krieg regiments and curb the self-sacrificial tendencies of their charges.

Heavy bolters are fun to throw some extra dice out to keep attention on your Vendetta. It was never originally planned that regiments of the Death Korps would serve in the Spinward Frontand they are only a very recent arrival. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. It should be released mid-late Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work.

Second, and more importantly, with a flamer in each infantry squad, for your adversary is lot more risky to charge 20ish guys with two 2 flamers, or 30ish guys with 3 flamers.

Secondly, I would say you hit the nail on the head, engineers are pretty much our go to infantry this time round, regulars are fine too, but expencive for now at least at 10 points more per squad then regular guard. Helps to wring out one last bit of usefulness from a unit that’s losing a melee fight.


Posted 09 October – Thanks guys is it 40K approved so that I can use them in tournaments?

The character and tactical doctrine of the Krieg soldier was created by war. There is apparently an email from Forge World that confirms that with the Death Korps, the Hades is supposed to have the Combat Engineers instead of the crappy vets, and to simply use the point costs for them provided in the Imperial Armor book.

Any Imperial Guard unit can re-roll failed hits krkeg wounds versus Chaos.

Only 1d6 for Smite but you should be casting Psychic Maelstrom or Gaze of the Emperor for damage anywaybut astoundingly cheap at only 30 pts per model. The fun thing about this little detachment, is that it fits onto most any Guard Army because it’s so cheap. Channels relatively reliably and only benefits Astra Militarum units, for some reason. Gas masks are conventionally viewed as a second skin, as soldiers are trained to permanently operate with them if daeth.

Death Korps of Krieg

Stalemates were broken and advances achieved that otherwise would have required the massive expenditure of Penal Jorp troops or the use of valuable elite forces such as the Adeptus Astartes.

I can understand why people would want to do this but I’m sure Forge World will release an update at some point.

I gave the model coat of US Gray making sure to leave some black creases showing.