Hello! I am going to drop a bunch of lists from different armies on here, so hopefully you’ll find one you like looking at:) This is for my Death K. The Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Army List uses the datasheets from the Death. Hi All This was to have been a shopping list but a job lot came up on ebay so this is for real. Any thoughts would be welcome. Brigade HQ.

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Heavy Bolters and Twin Heavy Stubbers may compete with each other, as they both cost 8 points each, and are both direct-fire anti-infantry options. It should be released mid-late In 2v2 games this works even better, due to a lack of stupid force chart restrictions.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E)

Was taking in feedback before, and now that I’ve compiled from a few sources, I was looking at running a pt setup like this: Note that you may take any type of upgrade for any type of company.

Use this stratagem before an Astra Militarum Infantry unit either shoots or fires overwatch. Good for giving that little push into a better health bracket if an Enginseer isn’t around or it wasn’t enoughand you can still shoot with the targeted vehicle. Retrieved from ” https: This, combined with the fact that most of the units you’ll cast it on – those with high points-per-model where Battleshock is most painful – are high leadership, have ways around it, or can just deny your powers to begin with, makes it highly situational, and while it’s not useless, it’s probably the least useful power in the discipline.

You only need to supercharge against mean bastardsbut against mean bastardsyou need to supercharge. Vehicle formations can serve as a literal wall of iron in front of your infantry, as the enemy won’t be able to slip through them without declaring multiple charges. Any three of the following: Point for point, plasma is the most efficient weapon for regular guardsmen at engaging tough targets.

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Each upgrade that is taken adds to the cost of the company, as shown on the upgrade chart. Set them up within 3″ of each other, more than 6″ from any battlefield edge, and more than 9″ away from enemy units. Chapter Approved has added another 12 pts to its cost. Adeptus Ministorum [ edit ] Uriah Jacobus: Any Imperial Guard unit can take a morale test on 1d3 instead of 1d6. However, you trade all this for the lack of ability to fire after moving without a penalty to hit and have a poor range of 36 inchesthe lack of T8 to survive plasma and anti-tank firepower that is usually S7 and above, and worst of all, you score less hits than a basilisk, Manticore or most Leman Russes with grinding advance with your single D6.


Other superior choices, provided you can get them in, include an Inquisitor or Guilliman who will both need their own detachment to avoid breaking Doctrine, which isn’t hard for Guilliman since he’s a Lord of War choiceor an Astropath or Primaris Psyker using the Fearless power which the Inquisitor also has.

It’s still nothing to write home about in the grand scheme of things, but at least you get two shots for the Vanquisher cannon instead of 1. Not as good as Combat Engineers in terms of points per wound, but they can get Objective Secured as well as letting you farm up command points with battalions etc which is probably worth their extra points cost and loss of acid gas grenades.

Pesky melee units got you down? However, none of them will make you great at melee. Lost a lot of its thriftyness with the Shadowsword, Banehammer, and Banesword now matching it in price.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E) – 1d4chan

A poor choice all around, even with two Plasma Cannons. The Blade of Conquest: AKA ‘I’m the Commissar ,ist You can keep their shotguns, which, unlike hot-shot lasguns, are worth spending a point on, or swap out for special weapons to demonstrate superiority over Grenadiers – 2 plasma gunners, a boltgun on the sergeant, and a heavy flamer team will get you the same output as a Grenadier squad with the same loadout, except your guys also have acid gas grenades and cost less.

Combat Engineer Watch Master: Like Fire on my positionthis can be useful against MSU, but less so if they hid themselves inside transports. The models for either weapon choice are very nice, so you can’t lose there.


Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Death Korps of Krieg(8E) – 1d4chan

The variants themselves are listed in the Leman Russ variant and Leman Russ rare variant charts. It can also take one or two additional models in the same slot thanks to the squadron ability. Like Sisters of Battle, you must make it count. Now that you don’t have to use his ability, he’s gone from being a hindrance to a situational buff.

A Wyvern or Basilisk can re-roll failed hit rolls in this phase. Unfortunately, thanks to his one-shot syndrome that one shell is going to do almost nothing at least lf won’t kill your dudes now.

Can only be taken by Grenadier Squads and Vehicles. Submit a kgieg text post. Plus, being Officer s, they unlock Command Squads. A must-have for any list focusing on Death Riders. Collectively, they want to martyr themselves as a messed up way of saying “sorry” to The Emperor. Siege of Vraks update, please note that this army list is still separate from the Assault Brigade list from Fall of Orpheus, the two haven’t been merged.


The question should always be: Aim carefully – friendly fire is on – and beware the random range! Not huge additions, by any means, but quite good value for 5 points.

It has the potential to deal a lot of damage, but like the Leman Russ battle cannon, the likelihood of it actually doing anything isn’t that high. Views Read Edit View history.

Have fun with those Leadership 12 Space Marines. The ever-reliable Imperial tank-buster. Technically it should be a Catachan spearhead, but three tank commanders give you the best damage. Almost everything that can take something here gives up a chainsword to do so, although normal Commissars do not. Because Guard has access to cheap platforms for weapons, it may be better to specialize your units.

X1 Command Squad Heavy Support: This army has been really fun to plan and play, now I just need to get my hands on some death riders