Premiul Nobel pentru Literatura Soareci si oameni, unul dintre romanele clasice ale literaturii secolului trecut, este o poveste cu nuante parabolice despre . Get Instant Access to Soareci Si Oameni Romanian By John Steinbeck # EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK. Read. Download Online Soareci. Șoareci și oameni has 1 rating and 1 review. Bianca said: O poveste despre speranță, naivitate, prietenie, sărăcie, neputință, nedreptate.

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I was expecting to read about shattered dreams, but I was surprised and touched by the strength of the theme of true friendship–not just the friendship between George and Lennie, but also the friendship and understanding offered by Slim, the ranch foreman. George dreams of having his own farm house and acreage but it is during the depression and he has little money saved.

They could grow crops for themselves and choose when they laboured: View all 19 comments. View all 11 comments. Just what one expects of a great classic! And I have seen first-hand what Steinbeck describes in Of Mice and Men – the childlike vulnerability and innocence often combined with physical strength, just waiting for something bad to happen.

Steinbeck strived for gritty realism and wrote about a time and a place, with all of its triumphs and evils. And I think that this is all a person should know going into this book. Steinbeck portrays George as an average man during his era who attempts to find work in order to make ends meet, yet he has the added burden of caring for and providing for Lennie’s well being. I wondered if I was just not connecting to this because it was too short, or because of the very slang dialogue, but by the end of this everything just clicked into place and I actually went into my mom’s room to discuss.


The dialogs are pitch-perfect. I stopped reading books under the desk after that. Crooks had his apple box over his bunk, and in it a range of medicine bottles, both for himself and for the horses. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lennie used to be George childhood friend. View all 8 comments. Even though it was short, every single character felt so realistic.

Perhaps he completed the book and left the title to the very last minute and died as he was writing it down.

120192579 John Steinbeck Soareci Si Oameni

I got the ending wrong? This is embodied by Lenny; he is oaneni and emotionally weak. So this is a story about the outsiders, about the unloved and misunderstood. View all 24 comments. Blame-the-victim mentality does not sit well with me, and I can’t help but think that Steinbeck did that.

It’s a difficult task. George was given a reason to live, even if that reason was a burden that felt like a cross to bear.

George’s exhaustion of taking care of Lennie, and how everybody else let him down. This is the story of unloved and alone, of George Milton and Lennie Small, the story of two antithetic coming together in bond only death dared disrupt.

The book is about friendship and about kindness and about how so much more important kindness is over knowledge or intelligence.

John Steinbeck- “Soareci si oameni”

Lennie Small is the child in a hulk’s body. To have nothing left to lose is frightening. The story brilliantly shows how easy it is to make dreams a reality, how obvious it is to have dreams and chase them.

Lenny just wants a few rabbits to pet. He also promised Aunt Clara, really a family friend, that he would take care of her nephew Lennie, a dimwitted yet strong man. He died in in New York of a heart attack and his ashes are interred in Salinas. Nu prea am cuvinte. So I grabbed Of Mice and Men off the bookshelf last night. View soarrci 45 comments.


I had just finished reading Jonathan Livingston Seagullwhich was a page overdose of cheesy 70’s inspirati I think I’ve soafeci avoiding John Steinbeck, consciously or subconsciously, ever since I was a horse-loving teenager and thought that The Red Pony would be a nice, pleasant book to read.

I read it yesterday, in one sitting, and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

It deserves the fame and recognition that it has enjoyed for quite a few years. Overall, the title of oxmeni book symbolizes the relationship between mice, who have little power or defense, against men, who are stronger and end up killing the mice.

On pegs were also pieces of harness, a split collar with the horsehair stuffing sticking out, a broken hame, and a trace chain with its leather covering split.

John Steinbeck- “Soareci si oameni” – Praline literare

For once there was a school book that I enjoyed. I think it’s tradition for me to finish a classic and think, “That was good, but I wonder what insights and symbolism I missed out on since I didn’t read this for class and have a professor telling me about it.

All in all we were told what to see in the book before we even began reading.