That is why the publication of a genuine, hard-bound book, unself-effacingly titled Drudge Manifesto, comes as a welcome surprise. Here at last. Everyone’s talking about Matt Drudge and Drudge Manifesto:”In this wave of scandal, deceit, and hypocrisy hitting Washington and the world of politics, who can. From the first word in the future of journalism Comes the first book by Matt Drudge — the most sensational, the most outspoken, behind-the-scenes story of the.

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Paul Poulos rated it really liked it Jun 06, But Lockhart is actively involved in the litigation. I, still a young man, went West. I’m convinced that our democratic mwnifesto are somewhat in peril when so many people like myself perceive the general media as hostile and unfair to views of a conservative bent.

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Explore the Home Gift Guide. Frudge person found this helpful. Studying The Power I believed emanated from every building. Drudge, as in Sludge Steve Kettmann Email He made it go too high. Or am I reading my own impressions into his unusual narrative? Warren Beatty, who’s probably worth far more, tells me at a party at Spago that he wonders if, in the near future, there’ll be any basis for libel and defamation. In reading Drudge Manifesto, one is forced to conclude that Matt Drudge has become so intertwined with the medium synonymous with his name that he is nearly unable to rise above its limitations or to provide much of an analytical perspective capable of making the information revolution an even more effective venue for further expanding the freedoms of all mankind.

Oh yes you can. What he thinks helps define who we are, because the connectivity of the Internet means that Drudge is a stand-in for all of us out here, albeit an almost unbelievably off-putting stand-in. I’d just reported a Washington rumor drugde Blumenthal, one that Vanity Fair would later acknowledge had been “going around for ten years. And he gets in plenty of zingers of his own: E in just about everything else. That is why the publication of a genuine, hard-bound book, unself-effacingly titled Drudge Manifesto, comes as a welcome surprise.


Drudge does not pretend to possess advanced credentials behind his name.

Drudge Manifesto

And his cat talks back. Working from a small apartment in Hollywood, Matt Drudge became one of the country’s most mannifesto journalists when he reported that Newsweek had spiked a story about a sexual relationship between President Clinton and a certain White House intern. Information being power and all.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Open Preview See a Problem? I see only sunshine. Yet while his writing suggests that he is a pathetic manifesro with an astonishingly limited view — not just of news, but also of the world and, most especially, of life — pop-culture history seems to have given him reason to gloat.

Babes and Price Is Right showcases. One reader turned into five. Burning I may have been, but I was sophisticated enough to know I would never be granted any access, obtain any credentials, get that meeting with Vernon Jordan.

What can I say?

Drudge Manifesto – Matt Drudge – Google Books

We take our hats off to the gentleman while bemoaning the fact that our own lack of foresight kept us from doing likewise. The fedora-wearing, self-appointed media monitor and scold has had a huge impact. Trippand volunteers his favorite Web sites and sources. His influence may actually grow, even as the proliferation of news-oriented websites — which makes his presence on the Web no longer a novelty ddudge eventually robs him of the high profile he has so aggressively courted.

For better or worse, the Drudge Report is exactly what Drudge wants drudgr say, uninfluenced by somebody else’s politics or finances. Actually, here is mostly a need to retch. Return to Book Page. I come from a typical American family. The Drudge Report fills a vacuum that should have never occurred.


Drudge Manifesto by Matt Drudge

Trivia About Drudge Manifesto. Although the gig did have more fringe benefits than just testing the Slurpee machine and dating a hot batch of nachos.

Second, the fact that anyone can set up shop at home just as Drudge did also dilutes the impact of any single individual — or worse. Matt posted these as well and his website began to take off. At pages I was left wanting more. Even if you have read some ghastly books over the years, you’re unlikely to find many that fill you with more of a need to bow before the porcelain god than this one will.

These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Jan 10, Lilibet rated it it was amazing. At least when it comes to silencing his critics. With a modem, a phone jack, and an inexpensive computer, your newsroom can be your living room, your bedroom Any one from any where can cover any thing.

The rest is egotistical rants, filled with name dropping and very weird poetry. A young clerk in a dead-end job, Matt started pulling Nielsen ratings out of CBS wastebaskets and posting them on the Internet.

If he didn’t exist, would we have to invent him? So what does he think? Two weeks ago, I broke a story on the daisy named Willey who’d frudge POTUS of picking her petals in a hallway off the Ovalwhich Michael Isikoff eventually got into print eight days later.

But Drudge’s shtick about being a virtual high-priest of democracy sounds hollow, as does his repeated claims that the Internet will render all other media irrelevant.