Boatmurdered is the story of an infamous Dwarf Fortress succession game that originated on Something Awful. Highlights include elephantine. Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf Fortress, Boatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly . What follows is a succession-style Let’s Play of the game Dwarf Fortress. In it, we chronicle the rise and fall of the epic. Dwarven fortress, Boatmurdered. (Actually.

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Eventually, one of the final kings, in a bout of madness, releases lava onto a merchant band of humans, killing them all.

rwarf In the yearthe dwarven civilization of Kinmelbil, “The Oaken Tomes”, exhausted the last of its mines. Then came the food shortages. You’ll see these a lot. Miasma is the purple blotch that shows up when corpses begin to rot. This symbol represents a cage for trapping creatures. There was also an animation of Boatmurdered being made by LavaLevel a couple of years ago.

The madness surrounding Boatmurdered is quite apparent on its own, I feel.

The Let’s Play Archive

Here’s the tl;dr guide, first. Well at least we’re resting peacefully in our tombs.

With the way this place is set up, any one of them could make the whole place collapse in like an accordion. After many goblin raiders and elven traders were fried with floods of lava, there was a brief period of tranquility.


Sad thoughts caused by things of that nature can lead dwarves to tantrums or even suicide.

Boatmurdered (Lets Play) – TV Tropes

Submit a new text post. New to the game, need an explanation for Boatmurdered self. Room full of levers, I don’t know what any of ’em do and I’m not going to try and figure boatmurderec out.

Dwarves are shown boatmurxered these guys here, or as smiley faces. One of the nice things about boatmurdered is that it gave a legend worth half a damn at the start. The small 2’s that fill the room behind the two doors are the bones of animals or dwarves. I take a look at the maps, and sure enough, this outpost is stuck darf in the middle of nowhere, smack in the Smooth Points of Pride. Probably underneath elephant remains, in the physical sense.

Above and below him, the brackets are discarded armor or clothing. Personal tools Create account Log in. Within days, the fortress becomes a bloodbath as omnicidal dwarfs kill each other without mercy or thought.

Want to add to the discussion? It’s where dwarves store various crafts, barrels not pictured Donation linkPatreon.

Dwarf Fortress – Boatmurdered Part #1 – Intro by Evilslug

Players would play a year and then pass along the save for someone else. Female dwarves occasionally get pregnant and, if they are exposed to trauma say a goblin siege ; they very well might miscarry. The E is an elephant. It makes your dwarves angry, which usually leads to hilarity.

Each ruler was given a single year of gametime in which to manage the fortress, then they gave the reigns over to the next player in line. They murder dwarves in wonderful fashion. Thus ends the official written history of the fortress known as Boatmurdered.


Also, Hamlet of Tyranny is very well written. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Dwarves have moods that are affected by the things around them. Driven by lust for gold and rumors of the priceless and all but mythical metal adamantinea team of seven colonists was dispatched to build a new home for the dwarves of Kinmelbil in the Smooth Points of Pride.


A note to my successors: Made it much easier to get into it when not playing DF yet. You need to login to do this. May their tortured souls rest in peace. TVTropes has a decent page on the subject.

Perhaps the Let’s Play for Dwarf FortressBoatmurdered, was a Succession Game played in one-game-year turns by Something Awful members that quickly became the stuff of legends.

The cliff face bisects the dawrf, with the outdoors on the left and the cliff interior on the right: This page was last modified on 16 Februaryat These are siege engines. There really is no good way to convey the insanity beyond reading the story itself.