If you’re a developer using Crystal Reports for Eclipse (CR4E) for your reporting component, this blog entry will be of interest to you. I’ll discuss. SAP (Business Objects) has recently released Crystal Reports for Eclipse it as a separate package known as CR4E, which contains Crystal Reports for Java. Eventually you will get: JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m – Xmxm -jar /home/msiegel/CR4E/download/eclipse/./ -os linux -ws gtk.

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Comment 3 Steve Northover The stack overflow issue is described in comment 38 ie. Konqueror is not a supported browser.

cr4e relnotes en |

Comment 56 Oleg Sukhodolsky Jamie is still seeing the problem. The error was ‘BadMatch invalid parameter attributes ‘.

Rclipse structures and tables in the transformat The error was ‘BadWindow invalid Window parameter ‘. I see a lot of comments about a debug facility that’s available with a command-line switch.

Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 Release Update 8 is Now Available!

From the perspective of a programmer coding against the API, the engine appears to use reference counting in determine whether a report instance is still in use or is free to be cleaned up. Provides SDK that enables report creation and modification within Java code.

Comment 63 Jamie Woodhead I was unable to get a stack trace out of the error. Comment 40 Denis Mikhalkin Comment 7 Steve Northover Comment 5 Silenio Quarti Data displayed on the report is restricted based on the parameter values supplied to the report, same is programmatically done below: SWT application to reproduce crash Will attempt using Cygwin-X configuration. Just curious if anyone has any hunches about what type of behaviour c4e trigger this problem.


There’s several ways to invoke this, for example 1 have this page called when ecpipse new report is requested, to clean up any previously viewed reports, or 2 create a ‘Logoff’ button, that the user clicks that posts to this page, or 3 wrap the viewer in a Frame, or create a hidden Frame, that on page unload events invokes JavaScript that calls this page, or 4 put the code in edlipse HTTP Session Listener instance registered with the web application to listen for HTTP Session timeout events.

This disclaimer, however, does not apply in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence of SAP. Comment 9 James Shaw Dr4e 50 Steve Northover This article discusses the features of CR4Ev2.

Since the RAS Eclipsee reference to a report on the RAS server may cross across multiple web application servers, the server keeps track of the number of oustanding references extant. Every time an unique ReportSource is retrieved from the ReportClientDocument, the count is incremented.

Every time a ReportSource is destroyed, the count is decremented. The designer component is available as a plug-in to Eclipse and is used eclupse designing and previewing reports. Close Window Print Story.


sap business intelligence: Crystal Reports for Eclipse – Ensuring Report Cleanup

In the meantime, here is what I am doing it does not crash: Unspecified error at org. Comment 71 Mark Siegel Preview tab is used to preview the report designed in layout view and the report can also be directly edited in this view. I know this sounds like a loaded question, however it’s important to know, since this defect is critical in nature for our users.

The Crystal Reports for Java component is used for the runtime generation of reports within Java applications.

When retrieving eclise LOV List of Valuesthe fields from lower-level LOVs are not included in the generated query in order to improve performance by retrieving less data for each eclippse. The lifecycle consists of three parts 1 opening the report, 2 handling viewer postback, and 3 final cleanup.

So, the datasource connection information for the report template needs to be replaced thro’ the following lines of code:. We are still using Eclipse 3.