This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set () for use within the context of an. Page 1 ANSI X12 version EDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. ANSI X12 V Steel Specific Version. Ship Notice/Manifest. This document provides the standard format and established data contents of a ship notice/manifest transaction set (). An comprises a.

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This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the first item of the first purchase order of the shipment. Data from this illustration is used as a basis for building the examples. Prefix or alphabetic part of an equipment unit’s identifying number.

EDI 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest

The number of inner containers, or number of eaches if there are no inner containers, per outer container. A unique number assigned by the sender to identify a particular data segment in a hierarchical structure.

Code qualifying the Reference Identification. Code specifying the method or type of transportation for the shipment. ID qualifiers 91 and 92 require prior trading partner agreement and should be avoided. When using edk segment it is recommended that they be restricted to free form text and that any other use for specific data which could be mapped, be discouraged. This hierarchical level identifies data related to the original purchase order.


Code defining the characteristic of a level in a hierarchical structure.

Code indicating the type of pallet. This esi level is used to identify a transport package, which may be a pallet, master container, or other physical unit of load.

To specify the transportation details relative to commodity, weight, and quantity. The SCAC table evi a certified list of four character codes associated with specific carriers.

This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the second purchase order of the shipment. Identifying control number that must be unique within the transaction set functional group assigned by the originator for a transaction set.

Consumer Package Code Simplify your business processes with c12 implementation of EDI. Item Two on fourth purchase order. Shipment Method of Payment.

For more information about Drop-Ship, you can read our blog: To specify the physical qualities, packaging, weights, and dimensions relating to the item. This starts the pack level hierarchical loop for the third purchase order of the shipment. HL Hierarchical Level Pos: This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the third purchase order of the shipment. EDI is frequently exchanged document, even in Drop-ship fulfillment and e-commerce. Nevertheless, no matter how this document is called: Code identifying the country.

Total number of line items in the transaction set. TD element should be included having a valid qualifier describing the service level. Item One on fourth purchase order. Identification number of the next higher hierarchical data segment that the data segment being described is subordinate to ECTF Notes: To transmit identifying numbers, dates, and other basic data relating to the transaction set.


Code specifying type of date or time, or both date and time. All rights reserved to Namtek Consulting Services. The SSCC commonly referred to as the license plate is the method of identification for a transport package. Total number of segments included in a transaction set including ST and SE segments.

This segment is commonly included when information is to be passed that is displayed on shipping papers or package labels.

This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the second item of s12 fourth purchase order of the shipment. Code specifying the application or source of Marks and Numbers To transmit a hash total for a specific element in the transaction set.

What is Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) transaction set? | EDI2XML

Time expressed in hour clock time as follows: To specify transportation details relating to the equipment used by the carrier. The SCC is used x112 identify these cartons. State or Province Code Description: Shipping Container Code This segment is used to specify item quantity information.