Ron, a teenage runaway, comes of age among the punk elves and humans of Bordertown, a run-down city on the border between the real world and the magic . When Ron runs away, he ends up in Bordertown, a grim city that lies between the real world and the world of faerie, a place where elf and human gangs stalk. Ron, a human runaway searching for his brother, joins the denizens of Castle Pup, lands a job at Elsewhere–the strangest bookstore in two worlds–and.

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Wipl I try to be helpful for those sorts of people and refer to things in a way that won’t spoil you too badly. I’ve mentioned that YA novels are bugging me, I think it is a middle age thing, not wanting to have my face rubbed in the reminder of my glorious youth that can never be as glorious as these stories.

One major twist was totally foreshadowed view spoiler [by Ron asking questions about ghosts hide spoiler rlsewhere but I totally missed because it was camouflaged and I thought it really signified something else view spoiler [Florida’s secrets, not Ron’s.

In this story, an impulsive human boy named Ron comes to Bordertown looking for his older brother, and ends up falling in with a crowd of elves, halfies, slsewhere other humans trying to bust the stereotype that the races can’t mingle.


Elsewhere (Borderlands, #4) by Will Shetterly

Borderland novelWolfboy book 1 Members. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. It’s decently written, and Shetterly makes the setting feel real enough. Elsewhere follows a teenage runaway Ron as he travels to the Borderlands between The World and Faerie in search of his elder brother Tony.

Jan 20, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: Emma Bull’s Finderwhich I read many years ago and vaguely remember liking well enough, and the anthology Borderlandwhich I read last year and was kind of underwhelmed by. I’m definitely going to read more books from this world, and hopefully they will be as engaging and escapist as Elsewhere.

I had a hard time getting into this one, mostly because the main character is a brat and, like with many fantasy novels, I had a hard time getting into the world and getting used to the many characters.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. To ask other readers questions about Elsewhereplease sign up.

Here’s to a revived urban fantasy boom! Jun 06, Miriam rated it liked it Shelves: Readers of faerie books.

Nov 27, Amy rated it really liked it. Shettsrly Red and the Big Bad”. And not its misbegotten stepchild paranormal romance. If the city doesn’t kill him, it just may teach him what it is to be human. For one, Orient is a much more sympathetic main character than Ron, who is annoying for most of the book. Archived from the original on I’ve read it before too, but heck if I can remember what it was about.


I liked the world perhaps better than the characters, but they were pretty good too.

Perhaps the sequel, Nevernever, will clear up some things. I love the characters and the idea behind Bordertown.


He has also written short stories for various Borderland anthologies. Ron, a teenage runaway, comes of age among the punk elves and humans of Bordertown, a run-down city on the border between shetterlh real world and the magic world of Faerie. You get to see different worlds, lives, existences, and realize that humans are all the same, no matter what kind of lives they live.

Those who liked Holly Black’s Tithe would like this. Apr 25, Richard L. Aug 13, Unwisely rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 5 comments. I first read this book about fifteen years ago and I remember liking it very much. I had a little trouble getting into this book, but I would guess that it was because there are a number of books in the ‘Borderland’ series that come prior to this book.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. While a little dated in parts, the story itself was interesting enough to push past moments of cringe worthy ’90s speak. May 10, Vex Batchelder rated it really liked it. It has a male suetterly.