and RBS ericsson RBS datasheet, cross reference, circuit and ebook pdf sybex application notes in pdf ericsson. The RBS and are Ericsson’s new, highly efficient, . The RBS cabinet footprint is the same as for the GSM RBS and. This manual describes the hardware for RBS and RBS , the. Ericsson RBS Macro system based on 12–TRX cabinets for.

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Previous 1 2 The acoustic noise dispersion values were tested by measuring the sound intensity by scanning at 0. Application The space saving BBU is mounted directly underneath the RBS with the front panel of thelong life for the batteries.

Number of units per cabinet per cabinet: Power can be connected to the base station in two ways: Remember me on this computer. Log In Sign Up. A failed unit can easily be replaced by a new datawheet. It is available in an external cabinet. The RBSindoor applications. Fans The fans must be inspected and cleaned if necessary darasheet year. Functions automatically return to specified levels as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits. Ericsson shall have no datasehet for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this adtasheet.

Number of units per cabinet: In reality the occupational compliance distance by the side, in line with the front of the antenna, is less than 0.

Expansion cabinets and racks can be positioned to the left or to the right of the master cabinet. Excellent reliability Ericsson dualnetworks Fast deployment is crucial in a new network rollout.

For dimensions, see Figure 1 on page 5. The compliance boundary is defined as a cylinder around the antenna. The external alarm device can set the alarm using either an open or a closed condition.


For maintenance work, a clear space of at least 1, mm in front of the cabinets and racks work is recommended. Optional Transmission Equipment The cabinet can be connected to optional transmission equipment that is mounted externally in a BBS cabinet.

Not all hardware units are eatasheet in this section, only those directly related to the RBS.

RBS2206 Datasheet PDF

Each distribution circuit in the cabinet is connected to a IDM circuit breaker. The cabinet is tested for seismic exposure with a test frequency of 1—35 Hz. The alarm device connected to the screw terminals should be isolated relay contacts. This is where the Ericsson dual duplex TMAs can provide a cost-effective solution thatdurable Ericsson dual duplex TMAs have lightning protection, dual amplifiers and alarm functionality.

The RBS cabinet contains the radio equipment, power supply, and the climate equipment fans. As the antenna field distributions will differ, complete calculations or measurements may be necessary to establish the compliance boundary for other configurations chosen by the customer.

ericsson RBS datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

However, expansion to the right is recommended in order to follow the same standard globally. Overvoltage protection for external alarm cables. Table 8 on page 12 shows an example for a typical antenna. The following preventive maintenance conditions must be fulfilled to guarantee the availability of the RBS: External connectors and operator interfaces are located on the corresponding hardware units.

For further information on calculation methods, see Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields.

RBS Product Description RBS DESCRIPTION | Phạm Hoàng –

Outside equipment is listed under optional units. RBS compact radio base stations.

A space of mm is recommended above the cable ladder to make cable installation work easier. Ericsson bts installation guide Abstract: Help Center Find new research papers in: Deviations from these values can be experienced due to the nature of materials in the environment where the cabinet is installed.


All units in the cabinet are easily accessible from the front of the cabinet, which means that the cabinets can be mounted side by side or with their backs against a wall. In the event of AC power failure, the batteries deliver the necessary power to the radio cabinet as well as to the transmission equipment, if used. A closed contact logic zero is required to be below 2 kand an open contact logic one above k. The transmission equipment is then provided with power longer than the RBS.

For more information about the operator interface, see Optical Indicators and Switches. For other cases and methods, please do not hesitate to contact Ericsson Components forconjunction with the OVP. The durable Ericsson dual duplex TMAs have lightning protection, dual amplifiers and alarm.

Earthquake Requirements If the RBS cabinet is to fulfil the requirements for earthquake protection, then the space between the wall and cabinet must be at least mm, and the space between cabinets at least mm. It improves the receiver sensitivity. Full RBS performance requires no on-site manual intervention as soon as the environmental conditions return to within normal operating limits.

The figures show 206 points and the tables show the noise dispersion generated by a free-standing RBS with three fans and by an RBS mounted against a wall.