and RBS ericsson RBS datasheet, cross reference, circuit and ebook pdf sybex application notes in pdf ericsson. The RBS and are Ericsson’s new, highly efficient, . The RBS cabinet footprint is the same as for the GSM RBS and. This manual describes the hardware for RBS and RBS , the. Ericsson RBS Macro system based on 12–TRX cabinets for.

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Deviations from these values can be experienced due to the nature of materials in the environment where the cabinet is installed. Ericsson ‘s synchronization based BSS features ensure that transceivers from.

The cylinder shape overestimates the compliance distances right beside the antenna. A space of mm is recommended above the cable ladder to make cable installation work easier. The RBS supports two transmission standards: Refers to a period of no more than 72 consecutive hours and a maximum of 15 days in a year.

Number of units per cabinet: This Ericsson dual duplex TMA eliminates any problems this could cause, bynetwork rollout. Their estimated lifetime is at least 10 years.

RBS Product Description RBS DESCRIPTION | Phạm Hoàng –

Erkcsson cabinet cover protrudes 77 mm in front of the cabinet. Keeping the successful characteristics of the existing RBS portfolio and improving functionality as well as operation and maintenance makes the RBS a very cost-effective solution for growing GSM.


A shorter distance may restrict the airflow. The voltage between terminals with an open contact is 24 V DC. In the event of AC power failure, the batteries deliver the necessary power to the radio cabinet as well as to the transmission equipment, if used.

RBS2206 Datasheet PDF

RBS compact radio base stations. The transmission equipment is then provided with power longer than the RBS. External transmission equipment can be supplied from the battery cabinet. Instead it is located almost at the edge, facing towards the centre of the cylinder. Not all hardware units are covered in this section, only those directly related to the RBS.

Click here to sign up. All required transmission equipment and battery backup must be housed outside the cabinet. Keeping the successful characteristics of the existing RBS portfolio and improving functionality as well as operation and maintenance makes the RBS a very cost-effective dahasheet for growing GSM Original PDF rbs ericsson element manager Abstract: This is where the Ericsson dual duplex TMAs can provide a cost-effective solution thatdurable Ericsson dual duplex TMAs have lightning protection, dual amplifiers and alarm functionality.

The earth grounding screws are located on the top and bottom of the cabinet on the left-hand side.


Ericsson catasheet performed a free-space near-field RF exposure assessment of typical configurations of the RBS with a recommended antenna. These products are sold only according to Ericsson.

The alarm device connected to the screw terminals should be isolated relay contacts. Ratasheet Transmission Equipment The cabinet can be connected to optional transmission equipment that is mounted externally in a BBS cabinet.

The compliance boundary is defined as a cylinder around the antenna.

Log In Sign Up. Any provision of these manuals and computer. In reality the occupational compliance distance by the side, in line with the front of the antenna, is less than 0.

Remember me on this computer. Fans The fans must be inspected and cleaned if necessary every year. This is where Ericsson dual duplex TMAs canonly 2 MHz away from the receive band which potentially can cause interference problems.

The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing. A closed contact logic zero is required to be below 2 kand an open contact datasheett one above k.