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For example, Stathacopoulou et al. Fundamental methods of scientific thinking and research are as follows: This is a relationship present in various areas: Other types of assessment in mathematics will be discussed as well.

Definitions are only effective if students are already familiar with the mea- nings of the different words. External representation refers to all external media, whi- ch has as its objective to represent a certain mathematical idea.

Ucni nacrt – Matematika predlog T he syllabus – MathematicsNacionalni kurikularni svet, Podrocna kurikularna komisija za osnovno solo, Predmet- na k komisija za matematiko, Ljubljana The opposite is concretisation.

Anxieties and attitudes related to mathe- matics in grades 3 and 6. Gifted individuals can com- bine these elements in a superior way; they fiozofiju more rapidly and attain a higher level of expertise than average individuals. In the first stages of education combinatorics is not taught in a conventional sense of the word.

Psychology | Универзитет у Београду – Филозофски факултет

Based on the pictorial presentation the students write down a calculation with which they calculate the number of all the different houses: It is important to build a user-friendly interface in order to enable easy communica- tion of humans with the system.

Introducing one-shift classes in primary scho- ols, including children with special needs talented ones and those with diffi- culties in regular classes, extended day program for all students, two teachers per class, greater mobility of children and teachers in schools and new teaching technologies demand changes in the methodology of mathematical education of both children and future teachers of mathematics.


The pupil learns actively, controls its progress and prepares for public assessment of its knowledge and skills, i. Poticanje darovite djece i ucenika, Zagreb, Hrvatski pedagosko- knjizevni zbor, The students of Small School of Mathematics are fourth-graders from Osi- jek primary filozzofiju. Since the analyzed documents were published mostly after the yeartheir comparative analysis provides us to identify actual trends in primary mathematics education in Eu- rope and to compare these trends with the current Croatian subject syllabus and filozofijju implementation.

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Therefore, a mathematics teacher has a responsibility to make this transfer as easy as possible. Typical mistakes in the answers: A part of the expert system knowledge base -Mathematical competencies – Units and measurement block The total knowledge base of the expert systems consists of producti- on rules grouped into five main blocks presented in Figure 2. Sefket Arslanagic was appointed head of uvo branch Teaching Mathe- matics. The partnership among faculties, sc- hools and families implemented in the Small School oj Mathematics stresses the process of thourough education of teacher education students working with mathematically gifted children.

In the block of cognitive components block IIthe intellectual potential is represented, deter- mined by genetic factors of each uvox. The systemic approach emphasizes the role of various social systems for the development of giftedness the family, the school, the educational system. Among incorrect answers there were more references to doubling, and dividing by two.


Solving a problem includes something discovering and something creative. Instead of Robinson and Cannibal we may consider aeroplanes or rockets and ballistic missiles under other assumptions. We sketch this in this section by combi- ning Figures 1 and 2.

Moreover, studies show that the discrepancy between particular components of the quotient is greater in intellectually superior individuals than fillzofiju average individuals Detterman and Daniel,Wilkinson, Pupils adopt the concept represented filzofiju a symbol even before it is introduced as a symbol.

Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium: In the year Small School of Mathematics headed by M, Pavle- filozofiuu was established within the framework of the project Methodology of Tea- ching Mathematics approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.


They should be taught more complex skills, encou- raged to acquire basic knowledge and not only specific facts, the subject matter should be challenging and varied so as to encourage higher thinking processes synthesis, analysis, generalization, evaluation. A special school model has been developed for those pupils.

Everybody finds certain tasks in his work. Pupils in educational process, either alone or with teachers help, also disco- ver and realize new mathematical truths.

Table 2 shows frequencies of pupils assigned to categories of gift according to assessments of teachers and the system. Filozoiju the interfa- ce, a user enters the values of variables attributes that are considered as input values by the system in production rules, and transformed into output values for each decision option.

We differentiate between internal mental images and external envi- ronment representations. They first make an unsyste- matic filozofoju Analogy is very useful in mathematic education as a vivid means for connecting and easier understanding of i materials, and also as a means of developing creati- 1 Zdravko Kurnik, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Bijenicka cesta 30, HR – Zagreb, e-mail: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Adatok a magyarorszagi nyelvi kommunikacios kultura allapotarol.

Uj Pedagogiai Szemle 6. Filozotiju that the data about the examinees are des- cribed, ending with the conclusion and guidelines for future research. From personal components that contri- bute the realization of gift block IIIwe observe: In this study we will analyse the problems of language use, both ma- thematical language and mother tongue, in everyday life, in the scientific world and during comprehension development.

Trezor Kiado, Budapest 2.