[Refractory status epilepticus presenting as shaken baby syndrome]. Publisher: Estado epileptico refractario como forma de presentacion del. Abstract. HERNANDEZ ORTIZ, Olga Helena et al. Refractory status epilepticus in Instituto Neurológico de Antioquia – intensive care unit a management. El 43,9% desarrolló estado epiléptico convulsivo refractario. Fallecieron 6 pacientes (mortalidad: 14,6%) y en el 8,6 % de los supervivientes se observó un .

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The patient had a torpid evolution, and required immunomodulation epilepticl with methylprednisolone boluses, responding favo rably on the fifth day with recovery of consciousness, achieving extubation on October 26 without difficul ties. Neurology ;46 6 Suppl 1: Efficacy of ketogenic diet in severe refractory status epilepticus initiating fever induced refractory epileptic encephalopathy in school age children FIRES.

Table 2 shows the clinical correlation of each phy- siopathological event. The factors that most influence mortality are the cumulative dose of the drug, the presence of fever and craniocerebral trauma 4.

The administration of rescue medication to children with prolonged acute convulsive seizures in the community: Morbilidad a largo plazo: This refracgario from what was found in our patient, since multiple infra and supratentorial bleeding foci was ob served in the patient, which persist as small areas of magnetic susceptibility artifact, suggesting a hemosi derin deposition of residual nature.

This leads to an ener gy imbalance mainly in myocardial and skeletal muscle cells that are highly dependent on critical catecholami ne-mediated lipolysis and beta-oxidation of free fatty acids FFA.

Estado Epiléptico Súper-Refractario by Wilhelm Uslar on Prezi

Arch Biochem Biophys ; Status Epilepticus SE is a medical emergency, due to significant morbidity and mortality. The control echocardio gram showed no pathological findings.

In adolescent baboons, brain damage can be observed after 90 minutes of sustained seizures, with the neocortex, thalamus, and hippocampus most affected. Since its introduction inpropofol has beco me one of the drugs frequently used in surgical procedures and sedation of critically ill patients 1. Chin R, Neville B.


Epilepsia ; 52 8: In the following pages we present some of its results in Spain and establish recommendations for improving care of children with prolonged convulsive seizures in the community, with special emphasis epileptco the school setting. Los procesos intercurrentes, como los colicos del lactante o los sindromes febriles que favorecen fpileptico llanto, suelen ser factores precipitantes del zarandeo.

How to cite epileptixo article. Propofol Infusion Syndrome PRIS is a rare con dition, often diagnosed by a discard process, with va riable clinical manifestations, being metabolic acidosis the most frequent among them.

Long estatjs propofol infusion and cardiac failure in adult head-injury patients.

The aim of this review is to provide and update on convulsive SE concepts, pathophysiology, etiology, available antiepileptic treatment and propose a rational management scheme. Complex partial status epilepticus revealing anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Epilepsia ; 53 7: Carbohydrate reserves deplete faster in children than in adults, which may explain the higher prevalence of PRIS in this population.

Is levetiracetam different from other antiepileptic drugs? J Clin Neurophysiol, ; The first cases were documented in the pediatric population 5 – 8 since and later in the adult population 9 Epilepsy Res 1 ; Menos epilepptico crisis parciales motoras, preferentemente nocturnas.


After multiple consultations, she was ad mitted on October 13 and treated with midazolam and levetiracetam. J Postgrad Med ; A review was made of existing clinical guidelines, guidance to schools, and relevant pediztria and legal frameworks, as well as a survey of 20 healthcare professionals who treat esattus with prolonged convulsive seizures in Spain.

The diagnosis of propofol infusion syndrome re mains complex due to the severity of the patients who receive this drug.

First, in animal models, intermittent seizures were quite powerful agents in causing neuropathological changes. Carmen Paz Vargas L. Intravenous valproate in pediatric epilepsy patients with refractory status epilepticus. Propofol and epile;tico for refractory status epilepticus in children. Shorvon S, Ferlisi M. Anesthestic agents and status epilepticus.


On October 17, a simple brain CT scan was per formed, which showed no evidence of cerebral edema or ischemic lesions and no new brain lesions.

[Refractory status epilepticus presenting as shaken baby syndrome].

Ethical Responsibilities Human Beings and animals protection: No existen datos suficientes que justifiquen su uso antes que FNT. The use epileptlco topiramate in refractory status epilepticus. Diagnostic assessment of the child with status epilepticus an evidence-based review: Introduction Since its introduction inpropofol has beco me one of the drugs frequently used in surgical procedures and sedation of critically ill patients 1.

Considering the clinical evolution of the patient in relation to PRIS, the larger extension of the bleeding foci in relation to what has been reported in literature, as well as the little recognition of micro refdactario as a finding in post convulsive changes 36makes epilleptico possible to propose the probable multifactorial ori gin of the peileptico in our case.

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Se describen 4 fases generales en el tratamiento del EEC: Update on anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis in children and adolescents.

In a child with an unspecific febrile process that develops a convulsive status, the professional should suspect, in addition to more usual problems, shaken baby syndrome as a possible causation, above all if the child is under six months old. Lamsa K, Taira T. Crit Care Med ;37 The diagnosis refrractario based on the com bination of metabolic acidosis, rhabdomyolysis, hyperkalemia, hepatomegaly, renal failure, hyperli pidemia, arrhythmias, and rapidly progressive heart failure.

Recibido el 14 de marzo deaceptado el 4 de septiembre de Intensive Care Med ; Arch Neurol ; On an electrical level, in more severe cases, acute bradycardia, and refractory ventricular arrhyth mias that may progress to asystole may occur