Along with the release of the expansion Empyrean Age in June the first EVE novel also saw the light of day, EVE: The Empyrean Age. The Empyrean Age marked the rise of the capsuleers as heavy hitters in interstellar politics, unfettered by factional or other political ties. When I picked up Tony Gonzeles’ first novel, EVE The Empyrean Age, I was honestly expecting another forgettable and ultimately meaningless.

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The book follows several different characters, giving us several different empyrwan which, to be hones Based on the MMO ‘EVE Online’, this book was a surprisingly interesting read, with a rich complex plot set in a rich complex universe.

Tony Gonzales does a great job of drawing you into the EVE Online world and making you feel like you are adventuring just as you imagined when you were in the game blasting pirates empyresn trading goods.

The Amarr are portrayed as cartoon villains. EvE is all about the lone empyren and his craft, out to score a big fish in a very large, very dangerous stellar ocean. There are a number of such occurances. CCP did play a little when it came to the races characteristics the gallente are for example hedonistic and grand. Unimaginable calamities and hardships befall empyrewn seemingly at every turn, but the book never seems contrived, and Gonzales is a master at making these characters come to life.

It was also nice to get a bigger pictu I’ve been playing Eve Online for a while now. Mar 03, Christopher Fowers rated it really liked it. Retrieved from ” http: One of the basic concepts behind the narrative of EVE: I had never heard of eve 4 years ago.

Mar 25, Empyrewn rated it really liked it. It’s a good read on it’s own but compared to the actual lore of the game it doesn’t do much justice.

If well written and very focused, it wouldn’t wind up empyrezn the outcomes of the other faction’s books. Like Tony Gonzales involve both politics and induvidual struggles as well.

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Deus Ex Machina One of my biggest issues with the story of the book is the permanent reliance on deus ex machina to solve most plot issues. We have Karsoth, Korvin, Karin, and Keitan. Caiden Baxter You’re a Pirate Likes received: They didn’t even believe they’d get this far. Story Type The other problem I have with the book is the story it tells.

Horatius Caul 3 The main points, I believe. The difference between the beginning and the last third is pretty strong. For anyone interested in the Eve Universe, it’s a fair read. If it’s the future of human kind, god help us. Remember the one that liked to write bad screenplays where the main characters would just glare at each other for minutes at a time?

This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

It was also nice to get a bigger picture of the mythology of the game. League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Watching EVE over my husband’s shoulder is more enjoyable that reading the book. The new forums are live and can be found at https: Oh, and the rape. I rate this book 4. And Mila is also known as Kinachi Hepimeki. But sadly, no time for a game requiring as much investment in time and effort as EVE.

The sci-fi levels in this book were also pretty high, and the story draws you in, and you really have no choice but to finish the book. Tony Gonzales read a chapter of the novel at Fanfest This book is written by the guy who helped create that mythology. I felt like I spent the novel merely ‘getting the gist’ of the whole world, instead of actually understanding all that was taking place.

Eve: The Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales – Books – Hachette Australia

All in all, it’s quite obviously an attempt to show every other faction in the ate, and it does a good job at that, but it’s not a good book as far as books go. Close cookie policy overlay.

While it didn’t get into all of mepyrean “meatiness” of EVE that Zge would prefer, that’s a sharp bias I have because I play empytean actual game, and don’t we all want to see things that we can personally identify with?


It was Sins of a Solar Empire. Falick Grange had a memory loss when he woke up in his new clone, the data transfer when someone is podded isnt perfect happens to another character in the book as well but not as severe.

Someone upsets him – he suddenly loses all the tiredness, the lame leg, everything, he lifts the guy up, shakes him in the air, and throws him to the floor. We all know the Amarr are meant to be the “bad” race of EVE which if you look using the much lauded DnD alignment table would settle us nicely into Lawful Evil – we are nasty, but we have procedures on how to be nasty.

Gonzales has what it takes and more. The big conspiracy behind every negative thing is boring to me. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

From the Place in the Evve Deep in the Forest. Also, please keep in mind that I only read until pagewhere part II of the book starts.

Empyrean Age

But yeah, the TG versions of EVE are, while admittedly a nice refreshing change from reading 40k novels all the time, a little off putting. You can build great plots of political intrigue, of coup d’etat, or wve a dozen other possibilities just with this. Arline Kley 1 Horatius Caul wrote: This then just goes on. The Empyrean Agevigorously deploying many stock sf devices including Amnesia in its depiction of the brewing and waging of Future War between the four major game factions. But despite liking different names, when I’m reading a book, I want the names to actually be different to each other as well.