You can export your map using the commands found on the Export tab or by choosing a format in the Save As dialog Save as type list. If the export you want to . You can use sidebars on the front page to carry out basic exports of map images or raw data of a particular area. MindMeister offers a wide variety of export options, enabling you to turn maps into Word documents, save them as PDFs, as images and more. Please note that .

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Export map to another format

After you have made a color selection, return to the Cmap to view the background in the color you chose. Left-click the resource title. From the “Merging Options” window: To manage an individual resource link, left-click on its resource link group icon described in exporgar help section Drag in Resources. The next image shows the “Save Cmapp As” window filled with identifying information.

View Cmap as a Web Page Cmaps that are saved on CmapServers, are automatically saved with a version that can be viewed as a web page on any web browser. You may apply the methods described in this help section as well as Create a Proposition from Existing Concepts to add to your existing propositions.

New messages can be checked for by clicking Check Newand new messages can expportar created by clicking New.

If you only wanted just a simple link to a mapthe HTML is even more straightforward. A new concept will be created, along with a rectangle that connects ex;ortar two concepts.

You can change the directional emphasis within propositions by using arrows. Keep In Touch We’re constantly pushing forward, researching and developing new ideas. Cmaps and Resources can be added to your list of Favorites. A sub-menu will open where you can left-click an item type that best represents your multiple item selection.

The rectangle will dissappear, leaving a linking expoftar in it’s place.

To add a resource link, begin by left-clicking a concept you want to link with a resource. Cmaps saved here are also automatically generated as a web page for anyone with a web browser to see.

You may apply the methods described in this help section as well as Create a New Proposition from One Concept to add to your existing propositions.


This page was last edited on 22 Augustat When you return to the Cmap, the group of items you selected will be in the color you chose. You may also drag the slidebar with the mouse, specify numeric values in the text boxes, or use a combination of features in the HSB dialog to select a color. Now the parent nested node is only attached to those child Cmap items that were not chosen for removal.

Select Formatthen Autolayout You will now see the “Export Cmap as Image File” window. Cmaps that are saved on CmapServers, are automatically saved with a version that can be viewed as a web page on any web browser.

To create the new discussion thread, it must be given a name in the box next to the heading Name: As you continue to hold the mouse button down, notice that an arrow from the selected concept will follow around the mouse pointer. The “New Style” window will open where you can name the new style.

To change how arrows are used in propositions, begin by selecting the proposition s. You can combine the contents of multiple nested nodes. Now all contents in the nested node will be removed, and the nested node’s label appears in a separate concept. If you are unsure of where you should place your Cmap folder, places with “public” in the title typically permit any CmapTools user the ability to copy, or publishCmap folders to that place.

You may left-click the added color at any time to return to the default background color of a concept.

Cmap | Cmap Software

The “Save Cmap As” window will appear. The “Synchronous Collaboration Enabled” dialog window appears, confirming that the Cmap is now ready for synchronous collaboration. If you check that box, you will be able to left-click the Show Effective Permissions button to verify expportar permissions would be inherited from the parent of the selected folder. Instead of using edportar right-click menu, you may choose Editthen Reverse Connection Direction from the Cmap’s menu bar.

While still holding down the left mouse button and the shift key, release the mouse first, followed by the eexportar key, above another concept you want to link to. Now when viewing the Cmap, you can mouse over a concept that has additional mouse over info and a box with cmxp info will appear over the concept.


One method of collapsing a nested node is to right-click a clear portion of the node, then left-click Expand from the Nested Node sub-menu to release the checkmark.

Export to other formats

It does this by actually pointing your browser directly at the OpenStreetMap API to retrieve a bounding ckap of data a “map call”. Select the ” Save Cmap As ” option. From the Views window: You can add Cmaps and Resources to your Favorites list by selecting the file in the right side of the window, and then clicking Edit then Add to Favorites.

Now when viewing the Cmap, the thickness of the linking line you selected has changed. A combination of left-clicking and dragging rectangles, all while holding down the Ctrl key, can capture both adjacent and non-adjacent Cmap items into the selection.

To save the annotation, left-click the minimize button. Ex;ortar when viewing the Cmap, the changes made to font, size, and emphasis can be seen in the text items you selected. Clicking on these buttons will show different locations of Cmaps and Resources in the right side of the window. To view or change how others may use a folder that you are creating, as well as any files or folders that may be stored in it in the future, left-click Permissions Left-clicking the Color button will reveal a palette of common colors that are selectable using the mouse.

Cmpa the left mouse button to double-click the boxes under the Description and Keywords headings, you may edit the resource properties for more than one resource. The “Response to Collaboration Request” window appears to inform a Cmap owner or administrator that a collaboration session request has been made. Resources can also be dragged into either “My Cmaps” or “Places” that you have permission to add files to. You can modify the case of selected text in a Cmap.

Now an internet shortcut icon will appear in the folder where you saved it. From the sub-menu, left-click the Font