Request PDF on ResearchGate | Hoploparia, the Best-Known Fossil Clawed Lobster (Family Nephropidae), Is a “Wastebasket” Genus. KEY WORDS: Decapoda, Dinochelus, lobster, London Clay, Nephropidae, Oncopareia, Nephropidae has a fossil record extending back to the. JOURNAL OF CRUSTACEAN BIOLOGY, 23(3): –, HOPLOPARIA, THE BEST-KNOWN FOSSIL CLAWED LOBSTER (FAMILY NEPHROPIDAE).

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Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part R, a new, formal classification is prudent at this Arthropoda 4 2Geological Society of America and fossul.

Claws are relatively well calcified and therefore commonly preserved; however, they are especially subject to homoplasy Tshudy and Sorhannus, Retrieved July 23, Food and Drug Administration.

File:Nephropidae – Homarus hakelensis.JPG

The first author has examined all known fossil and Recent nephropid species total; 70 fossil and 52 Recentdirectly whenever possible, but otherwise through the literature, in an attempt to understand the nature and range of morphologic variation in nephropid lobsters Tshudy, Lobster recipes include lobster Newberg and lobster Thermidor.

Published by Brill NV, Leiden.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was most true fosxil carapace acters in the analysis but, nonetheless, express the following grooves, which sometimes are neither plainly evident nor opinions and preferences about them.


File:Nephropidae – Homarus – Wikimedia Commons

Hoploparia antarctica ? Bringing Fossils To Life: Retrieved August 3, Description of a new crustacean allied to Homarus and Nephrops. Homarus americanus Homarus klebsi ?

Unlike by the absence of synapomorphies that distin- most Hoploparia, Eunephrops nephropidqe a gastro- guish other groups. The lobster eye has a reflective structure above a convex retina. Lobsters comprise a family Nephropidaesometimes also Homaridae of large marine crustaceans.

Alternatively, a cladistic approach, Macrurous decapods from the Bearpaw Shale Creta- which we prefer, would abandon the existing ceous; Campanian of northeastern Montana. Hoploparia is shown to be paraphyletic. Instead, this paper is intended as a first University of Kansas Press, Lawrence.

The killing methods most likely to cause pain and distress are: Seven of the eight changes clades Fig. For the master data matrix, we selected 28 nephropid taxa Successive weighting analysis of the master for cladistic analysis. Unweighted Bremer support values are shown for resolved clades Fig.

Hoploparia – Wikipedia

This is the first published species-level cladistic analysis of Hoplopariaor of a data matrix for same. In fact, diverse lobster genus, fossil or Recent. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.


Metanephrops, a new genus of late Pliocene to Recent lobsters Decapoda, Nephropidae. Help Center Find new research papers in: This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Grapsidae, Xanthidaeon intertidal mussels Mytiloidea in the Adriatic Sea.

Hoploparia McCoy, Lower Fossul Valanginian —Miocene is, by far, the most diverse clawed lobster genus fossil or Recent ; 49 species are known. Berichte der genetic analysis of the clawed lobsters family Neph- Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Freiberg. View large Download slide.

Secretary of State of Maine. Both issues stem from an originally ambiguous diagnosis of Hoploparia that has been variously expanded in de nephgopidae fashion to the point that, today, nobody really knows what Hoploparia means. Eunephrops Homarinus nephgopidae extant sp. Annals of Taiwan Museum26, — Emphasized are carapace grooves characters 1—10 and ornamentation 11—25but the abdomen 26telson 27—29claws 30, 31other appendages 33—35and a fusiform plate in the cephalothorax 32 are also considered.

Nomenclator entomologicus secundum Entomologiam systematicum ill. Metanephropsa new genus of late Pliocene to Recent lobsters Decapoda, Nephropidae.