Fostex FEES – R Full range speakers with lacquer finish. Asking Price: RM Condition: 8/10 Location: PJ Contact: Thomas. Fostex full range unit. units limited production. Ferrite magnet. FEES-R FOSTEX 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home. Nov 16, Derek Sanderson’s Sachiko with Fostex FEeS-R.

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Fostex 8 inch speakers are very efficient–at least 96 dB. There are no middlemen in distribution.

I currently use a pair of those in open baffles and love them. Could you be more precise on what Q do you mean by higher? I would endorse them above anything else I know.

We guarantee your satisfaction. A well designed larger cabinet will always sound better than a well designed smaller one. The difference is mostly the appearance. RearBack horns RLHBLHwith the rear of the driver loaded by fe206e-r bass horn, help a full range driver produce more bass with less work, extending the range closer to the holy grail of 10 octave performance and providing startling dynamics. My friend came down to my house for the first listening session This gives a ‘fat’ sound that is very nice for classical music or for people favoring this type of sound.

Fostex fe206es-r pdf

We’re not just a business. They are mounted in 2. Even the least expensive Audio Nirvana 8 inch ofstex have a bigger magnet, lighter cone, better surround and spider materials, cast aluminum frame, and much safer packaging My space is simply too small for the Fe206esr, and I am happy. Posted some questions yesterday but apparently they got lost.


This driver is something special to me. The very old files were lost when I moved to this server. We can’t recommend a more expensive speaker, to our customers, if it doesn’t sound better–even if we would make more money by doing so.

Full Range speakers, Fostex, DIY High Efficiency Speaker kits

What about the Supravox Field Coils? Here is a link to an fe206ss-r post about the Fostex driver with links to 2 different PDFfiles.

Both male and female vocals are beautiful, no hard edge. Best balance will be with the Klipsch K33 or somthing similar. Obviously my best bet would be to try the Oris with the Supravoxes that I already own but maybe I would be wasting the time and money put into building the Oris system by using a less than adequate driver.

W e’ll do custom design work so you can build cabinets to your own specifications or modify your existing cabinets–free with any purchase. It looks like the smaller 5.

We’ve had 8 pairs returned in 15 years.

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Our goal is to make the best possible sound affordable for everyone. Now I read on your site about the Nirvanas.

Similar in size to the classic bookshelf systems of the ‘s and ‘s, it gives the bass of many floor standing systems in a smaller package. Strong magnitised drive units sound better more dynamic, “faster” and more articulated but give a rising response which needs to be EQ’d within the filter. RSS Feed of thread.

Fostex makes several different 8 inch full range speakers. For even better sound the world’s best full range speakers, in factyou might also want to consider our own Audio Nirvana full range speakers.