“Function and Concept” (German: Über Funktion und Begriff, “On Function and Concept”) is an article by Gottlob Frege, published in The article involves a . : Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung (): Gottlob Frege: Books. Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung. [Gottlob Frege] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mit den hier von Günther Patzig zusammengestellten und.

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6 Funktion, Begriff, Wertverlauf, Klasse : Gottlob Frege Eine Einführung in sein Werk

Frege’s logical ideas nevertheless spread through the writings of his student Rudolf Carnap — and other admirers, particularly Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein — Begrif explain these puzzles, Frege suggested a that in addition to having a denotation, names and descriptions also express a sense.

Frege’s two systems are best characterized as term logics, since all of the complete expressions are denoting terms. His philosophy of language has had just as much, if not more, impact than his contributions to logic and mathematics. In the latter, Frege criticized Hilbert’s understanding and use of the axiomatic method see the entry on the Frege-Hilbert controversy. On Frege’s view, d [ j ] and d [ m ] are the real individuals John and Mary, respectively. Therefore, some x is such that x loves Mary.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Why aren’t we still saying something true about the man in question if all we have done is changed the name by which we refer to him? Frege developed the theory of sense and denotation into a thoroughgoing begtiff of language. There are four special functional expressions which are used in Frege’s system to express complex and general statements:.

Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung: Fünf Logische Studien

Let us refer to the denotation and sense of the words as follows: Peter Geach, Blackwell, Note that the last conjunct is true because there is exactly 1 object namely, Bertrand Russell which falls under the concept object other than Whitehead gegriff falls under the concept of being an author of Principia Mathematica.


John may not believe that Samuel Clemens wrote Huckleberry Finn.

In the notation of the modern predicate calculus, this is formalized as: For example, the number of the concept author of Principia Mathematica is the extension of all concepts that are equinumerous to that concept. To see this more clearly, here are the formal representations of the above informal arguments:.

Funktion, Begriff, Bedeutung: Fünf Logische Studien by Gottlob Frege

His other notable university teachers were Christian Philipp Karl Snell —86; subjects: Frege explains the project in his thesis as follows: A relation is a two place function whose value is always a truth value University of California Press, v—lvii Goldfarb, W.

His original purpose was very far from answering general questions about meaning; instead, he devised his logic to explore the foundations of arithmetic, undertaking to answer questions such as “What is a number? The first table shows how Frege’s logic can express the truth-functional connectives such as not, if-then, and, or, and if-and-only-if.

To solve these puzzles, Frege suggested that the terms of a language have both a sense and a denotation, i. Maggie Roessler marked it as to-read Apr 28, Let us call the sense of the entire sentence s [ jLm ].

Dieaugentunweh rated it really liked it Feb 18, Many modern logicians have a conception of logic that is yet different from both Kant and Frege. Frege’s “conceptual notation” however can represent such inferences. The latter consisted of a set of logical axioms statements considered to be truths of logic and a set of rules of inference that lay out the conditions under which certain statements of the language may be correctly inferred from others.

But given that the crucial definitions of mathematical concepts were stated in terms of extensions, the inconsistency in Basic Law V undermined Frege’s attempt to establish the thesis of logicism. Some scholars have suggested that this was due to the facts that the notation was 2-dimensional instead of linear and that he begrifff build upon the work of others but rather presented something radically new e. But Frege noticed that this account of truth can’t finktion all frge is to the meaning of identity statements.


Principle of compositionalitycontext principlequantification theorypredicate calculuslogicismsense and referenceFrege’s puzzlesconcept and objectsortalThird Realmmediated reference theory Frege—Russell viewdescriptivist theory of namesredundancy theory of truth[6] set-theoretic definition of natural numbersHume’s principleBasic Law VFrege’s theoremFrege—Church ontologyFrege—Geach problemlaw of trichotomytechnique for binding arguments [7].

The conceptual range Begriffsumfang follows the truth value of the function: Further discussion of this problem can be found in the entry on Russell’s Paradoxand a more complete explanation of how the paradox arises in Frege’s system is presented in the entry on Frege’s theorem and foundations for arithmetic. Frege’s Philosophy of Language 3.

Frege can claim fregd the sense of the whole expression is different in the two cases. Views Read Edit View history. This move formed the basis of begeiff modern predicate calculus. Funkfion, desire, intention, discovery, knowledge, etc. Frege would say that any object that a concept maps to Funktin True falls under the concept. John believes that Samuel Clemens wrote Huckleberry Finn. For an excellent discussion of Frege’s conception of logic, see Goldfarb Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.

One may consistently suppose that the concept denoted by the former predicate maps John to The True whereas the concept denoted by the latter predicate does not.