Lucinda Margaret Grealy (June 3, – December 18, ) was an Irish- American poet and memoirist who wrote Autobiography of a Face in Before reading Autobiography of a Face, I’d only read one thing by Lucy Grealy. It was “The Country of Childhood” from her As Seen on TV. HEALTH – Grealy’s cancer could be considered a main character since you see it grow throughout the memoir. It follows her, speaks to her and.

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Consider the garden-variety cruelty of fave. Vietnam was still within recent memory and pictures of the horrors of Cambodia loomed on every TV screen and in every newspaper.

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy by Eric Cortes on Prezi

At its crux is her childhood bout with Ewing’s sarcoma, a deadly cancer that she survived but with a disfigured face that she then had to deal with as she grew up.

Does anyone know, or remember, the title of the book written by Lucy’s best friend? In fact, her protestations against whininess come off as, well, whiny. What saddened me most was that her family would never be able to divorce their memories of her from that awful, indescribably insulting image. Shelve this next to The Fault in Our Stars as a book about what it’s really like to be a kid whose life is stamped by illness. And yet, even without a fix, there is triumph.

I’m sorry I stood by as this happened. There are times when we find her heartless–her lack of sorrow at her fathers death–which she herself admits as strange. Was my partial belief preventing God from speaking to me? Feb 10, Wendy rated it it was ok. One was simple evasion, to make herself ill enough that the treatments would have to be suspended.

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Once a buoyant, sociable tomboy, Grealy, through her suffering, becomes isolated–finding human comfort mainly among the patients she meets in her numerous hospital stays. What was missing for me on the whole was complex story development; her situation is dramatic, while the story lacks shape and texture—in many places.

Do you want to be more removed? At first I believed that this was as it should be.

Autobiography of a Face

She felt it was her right, even her obligation, to write the book, and that it had to be HarperCollins because that was her publisher. That Muslim family were hijacked autobiotraphy their journey.

On the morning of the funeral, my mother sat in her wheelchair crying, as she often did, terrified by her own constant fears. Sep 18, jo rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lucy was diagnosed at age 9 atobiography Ewing’s sarcoma.

I think in some ways it helps things but in other ways it may hurt her.

When paired with Truth and Beauty, I think the literary experience autobiographt amazing. When she does begin to share her conflicted interiority, it feels too late in the story.

Lucy’s life became harder, with endless reconstructive surgeries, frustration at her inability to recreate the crystalline beauty of Autobiography, and a loneliness she attributed to being “ugly”. It was agonizing to read about each surgery Lucy elected to undergo… she was wistfully hoping and at the same time, trying NOT to hope each time the grafting of first, skin and then bone from one part of her body to her missing jaw bone would prove miraculous.


Plato, not so much, but Aristotle, absolutely. As Grealy herself stated, the subject of the book is I’m paraphrasingwhat is a self and how does one arrive at an understanding of what it is to be oneself?

On the whole, I am glad I read the book. Patchett’s book, Truth and Beauty: Sarah and I hugged her, trying, as we have both done all our lives, to protect her from her overwhelming despair.

The memoir was first published in A family autoblography had disappeared from her room, along with many other belongings, and Sarah and I were sad about this. A Journal of Poetry and Prose.

It was published in to considerable critical acclaim and is still in print. Lucy received chemo on Fridays, which then involved two very painful injections administered by a physician while he was distracted by talking on the telephone.


After reading Lucy’s own account of her childhood cancer and all the hardships she endured because of her treatmen I’m so glad I read this book after reading Ann Patchett’s “Truth and Beauty,” which was her take on the friendship between the two women.

But I was happy for Lucy. Can you accept who you are, disfigurements and all? Nothing so malicious has touched me, but I think of them often, for my own grief has been forced down an unexpected path. Perhaps Grealy was more comfortable with her perspective on her childhood than her adulthood.