Java GridBagLayout example with examples on all layout managers such as BorderLayout, GridLayout, FlowLayout, BoxLayout, CardLayout, GridBagLayout, GroupLayout, SpringLayout, ScrollPaneLayout etc. Computer Network tutorial. Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing. Lesson: How to Use GridBagLayout: The Example Explained. Here, again, is the applet that shows a GridBagLayout in action. As the above applet shows, a GridBagLayout places components in a grid of You can find more examples of using GridBagLayout throughout this tutorial.

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Specifying weights has a significant impact on the gridbqglayout of the GridBagLayout components. Positions five components within a container, using weights, fill, and relative positioning.

Compile the program using the command prompt.

Point location int x, int y Determines which cell in the layout grid contains the point specified by x, y. Positions five components within a container, using weights, fill, and relative positioning.

You can find the entire source file in GridBagLayoutDemo. Dimension maximumLayoutSize Container target Returns the maximum dimensions for this layout given the components in the specified target container. The following discussion assumes that the GridBagLayout controls a container that has a left-to-right component orientation.

This method is obsolete and supplied for backwards compatability only; new code should call getMinSize instead. April 11, at 2: Larger numbers indicate that the component’s row or column should get more space.

In this first cut lets just concern ourselves with gridX and gridY constraints:.

External Tools and Services. This method is obsolete and supplied for backwards compatability only; new code should call getLayoutInfo instead. Note that if you enlarge the window, the last row is the only one that gets taller.

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If a component’s display area is larger than the component itself, then you can specify whereabouts in the display area the component will be displayed by using the GridBagConstraints. Refactor out the ScrollPane and give it a preferred size. Its code is in GridBagLayoutDemo.

Designing a Basic Java Form Using the GridBag Customizer

Powered by Visitor Maps. May 16, at 2: We recommend specifying the gridx and gridy values for each component; this tends to result in more predictable layouts. Weights are used to determine how to distribute gridbagayout among columns weightx and among rows weighty ; this is important for specifying resizing behavior. The Weight X and Weight Gridbaglayoug layout constraints determine whether a component “wants” to grow in horizontal and vertical directions. It shows the grid layout of the components.

GridBagLayout « Swing « Java Tutorial

To make the designed container resize correctly in a horizontal direction, do the following: I struggled for about half a day trying to get some sort of menu system in AngularJS working.

Create and set a gridbag layout and how to set gridbag constraints. In other words, a component with the Fill attribute set to a value different from none claims that it “can” grow, but it does not claim that it “wants” to grow.

Moving You can move components using simple drag and drop as desired. It is a fairly gridbaglayoout user interface screen with a number of different controls, and with different component regions. The following code creates the GridBagLayout and the components it manages.

March 5, at 5: A component can be resized by dragging small square resize handles that appear around its perimeter when it is selected.

Send Feedback on This Tutorial. In our first cut, we are only interested in the X and Y placement, and spans, so we set gridX and gridY on all the first level components we are adding. This resizing behavior is based on weights the program assigns to individual components in the GridBagLayout.


Release the cursor to resize the components. Dimension minimumLayoutSize Container parent Determines the minimum size of the parent container using this grid bag layout. Extra space tends to go toward the rightmost column and bottom row. Lets move on to our details panel on the right. It then adds the component to its container, specifying the GridBagConstraints object as the second argument to the add method. Make the component stretch in both directions October 17, at 4: How to Write a Container Listener.

Per default JPanels have a FlowLayout, laying hutorial components from left to right in a centered fashion. We can make the GridBagLayout make these two blue regions cover more than one cell using the gridWidth and gridHeight constraint. Create the following Java program using any editor of your choice in say D: Before moving on, we need rgidbaglayout fill out the whole area of the cells using the Fill layout constraint.

The Grid area tutorixl on the right side of the Customize Layout dialog box.

GridBagLayout « Swing « Java Tutorial

You can download the thtorial that is used as the starting point for this series as a. July 21, at 9: Each document in this series covers specific set of features. Alternatively, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index.