Oct 25, hg clone mercurial-repo real URL is hg/ cd project/ $ hg init # A basic tutorial. Feb 24, Joel Spolsky has put together an extensive Mercurial tutorial with lots of examples and a humorous approach. “Finally, if you haven’t collapsed. Feb 24, If this is advertising, I want more of it. As an SVN curmudgeon, the first part of this tutorial finally persuaded me that I really, really need to give.

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You will have the chance later to override these global settings with repository local settings, if required. But he optimized for pithiness over clarity. The git command line leaves much t be desired; hg was far more intuitive.

So that the main repository can be kept in Git, but parts of the team can interact with it through the safe environment of “lock-modify-unlock”. So compare all that workflow with a DVCS. Joel hits on this on the first page Subversion Re-education. Also branches in svn aren’t private.

It’s also capable of detecting a mixture of line endings and can be configured to convert them all one way or the other if you want it to see the safecrlf option. Luyt on Feb 24, Did someone also notice Kiln has a Dodo as logo? They have good GUI and Windows support although subversion has been improving a lot lately. Casting this in the form of a real world example, consider a “main” tutorisl with two dev.

It is years old, but neither Mecurial nor Git come even close to it. Saying that it ran fine for years is pretty bad hyperbole–especially since both S and Mercurial are only about two years old tuhorial this point. I think the Hg site documentation is fine, but I have to say, Joel’s is more fun right out the gate.


It is good practice to not have many unknown files in your mercugial directory, as it makes it too easy to tutoril to add vital new files. But this is not because employees are too stupid to understand branching. I thought for awhile about where and when to go, then promptly “hg up”d to the mid s. Git is conceptually complex, because it is conceptually very powerful, and I like it that way.

Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial

I think that’s argument enough. After pressing CreateMercurial creates a subdirectory in your project folder named. It was unclear to me what was being said – interestingly enough, that is the entire argument being expressed for the reason why git is “hard work”. I have seen a number of people saying that the merge tracking in subversion still isn’t as good as what’s in git or mercurial, but I haven’t found an explanation of the difference.

Not all developers are using Linux either unfortunately ; Hg Init: This is not the place to argue the merits of each.

Lorin on Feb 25, Where does it say that HG http is faster than git: I’m in the camp of someone who has used CVS and Subversion a lot and have had “learn Git” or some other distributed VCS on my to do list for a while now.

Those ate precisely the type of documents that non-developers need. That gives it a lot of information when making decisions about merging. The ability to turn a show-stopping ordeal into a routine task can be utterly transformative to the development process. We are talking about programming tools here.

I haven’t been able to do it myself, and I wish this was it.


Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial []

As I mentioned earlier, I mercuril Git excellent for development perhaps the best VCS there isbut too complex for non-developers and actually for many developers too. It actually seems quite easy to me to ‘get’. Even without rutorial the mq extension, ‘rollback’ will remove the last changeset. For example, timing clone. Lorin on Feb 25, Although I wouldn’t be using mercurial myself, I gave this a point simply because of the great site design and layout.

Some of those automated merges may, in theory, not be safe, but that is what testing is for, and the devs can still review and sanity check the merged files before committing if they like.

tutlrial It’s used by Eclipse, amongst others. If a tool is easy to use, then I innit whatever I needed it for done, and done quickly. Nice FUD, Git has been running just fine on windows for years. Git does branching differently, has a kind of commit staging area called the index, and has a radically different UI than Mercurial, but the underlying concepts are all the same.

I mean, the tools for handling changes might be better because they are more modern, but the whole “changeset” thing seems to be hyperbole — all well, any good one VCS’s track changesets, that’s what those revision numbers or collectison of rev numbers mean.

Same operation as merging master into feature branch, or branch into master. In contrast, Mercurial’s strict “every tutoriap is an explicit commit” principle saved me from a lot of problems.