The Homeward Bounders [Diana Wynne Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You are now a discard. We have no further use for you in. If he finds the right world, Jamie can get Home Jamie stumbled upon the powerful Them playing Their mysterious games, They threw him out to the. Homeward Bounders. In fact, a quick summary of this book might be met with disbelief that this could possibly be a story for children. (I would.

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Review of The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones

The theme of rules is woven throughout the book, helping to tie everything together and keeping both the power and the weakness of Them in focus. A boy starts in turn of the century London, comes across figures playing these huge board game tables, has to start traveling between tons of worlds because he found them, the games are each a world. As with Fire and Hemlock you may have to read the ending twice to figure out exactly how it all played out.

I have loved this book since elementary school. Not wanting to lose it, he climbs the wall and finds himself in a strange garden. I really enjoyed Jamie as a character all alone, a wander traveling the worlds. Is it even possible for him to find Home? We have no further use for you in play. The world jumping, definitely Konstam jumps worlds like a goat, anyone else notice that?

Jamie has become a Homeward Bounder. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


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One can easily imagine Them as the gods and goddesses of homewarx myths we know, with their casual treatment of mortals and the way They manipulate destinies to get what they want.

I regard all the characters in Tam Lin who can quote poetry– or even the characters in Buffy who can quote movies — word-perfect with suspicion and envy. Feb 26, Serena W.

I’m going to be thinking about this one for a long while. Even time is warped. The other characters Jamie meets are also quite varied and come with a lot of quirks, they actually make him look quite plain by comparison.

It introduced me to the elements I came to love about her books: If he finds the right world, Jamie can get Home again. Then later on they cross paths with Joris, a demon-hunter and technically a slave with a penchant for hero-worshiping a figure called Konstam. It is a sort of tragic that is full of purpose though. Harpercollins Pub Ltd November Language: Trivia About The Homeward Boun They are not pleased by this disruption and “discard” him to walk the Bounds.

He is thrown out into the worlds to travel from one to the other. Oh, thank you for spotlighting The Homeward Bounders. Learn more about Amazon Prime. When it comes to world variety, it seems very similar to the Chrestomanci series, only that unlike there, the characters in this book have no choice but to travel from world to world.

There is something utterly profound in the conclusion of the book that relates as well. When Jamie stumbled upon the powerful Them playing Their mysterious games, They threw him out to the Boundaries of the worlds. While he is never named, the entity is Prometheus he states that his name means “foresight” and that, according to legend, he was punished for bringing fire to humanity.


This is one of my favorite Hoeward books. Unlike Charmed HonewardI thought this was a challenging read both in concept and an writing but it was infinitely all the better for it. Dark Lord of Derkholm Year of the Griffin Email required Address never made public.

And Diana Wynne Jones fans of all ages. Will read it again soon. Notify me of new posts via email. The ending is perfect but dark, a pessimistic choice for a character who has been through a lot and will continue to go through a lot.

The Homeward Bounders (Literature) – TV Tropes

Fantasy Ho,eward Young Adult Fiction. It’s too much for me. I couldn’t put it down. They, in return, discover Jamie, and reluctantly deal with him. The Homeward Bounders Embed. The Islands of Chaldea. Whether Jones did this intentionally or not, I can’t help but wish I had this book growing up.

They use their power to play games — literal table-top games, with boards or cards — with the worlds They rule. Read more Read less. Greenwillow Books Publication Date: Novels by Diana Wynne Jones British novels fantasy novels Children’s fantasy novels British children’s novels children’s books.

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