I quickly read through that TSB funny thing is, my ’08 Civic Hybrid exhibited these symptoms while still in warranty. Dealership did ultimately. Honda Civic Hybrid – Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To the same part numbers, but actually mentions the TSB “S/B# “. The Civic’s Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear Problem On February 8th, they issued a TSB (TSB ) describing repair procedures for.

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I recently saw that the bulletin was updated to include all models, but now I can’t find that version. These uneven tire problems can quickly turn into braking issues and also lead to reports of difficult to control vibrations, giving some drivers fits when traveling at highway speeds.

When my dealer replaced the arms on my car, they cjvic it in and out in under 2 hours. Honda Customer service has been a nightmare, they appear trained to stonewall, the regional manager was condescending and snotty.

The Honda dealer in Chatham-Kent mentioned that civvic has the “updated” upper control arm marked with a ts “C”. I’ve got a relatively high mileage 56K HCH.

Damn, can’t see the scans from here at work So what did we do when the TSB fix did not fix our problem? General commuter car is all it is used for; are there lots of folks who DON’T have any problem with the inner tire wear? Actually I owe thanks to a lot of folks: A TSB Story good one. After 30, miles, even if you do not do the maintenance yourself, I find it hard to believe that no one pointed out to you the jonda and excessive wear on your tires.


He might as well have just said “I don’t care, leave me alone” Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Why must there be “excessive wear” for this TSB. So I bought two Goodrich same size but a little taller in the profile and will try them 30 days to see how the mileage goes and put them on the back if the mileage drops. Civc had the same problem with the 06 SI.

07 Rear Tire Wear and TSB 08-001

The time now is He tells me to take it over to the local tuffy who does their allignments for them. Car has 41K miles – original Eagle RS-A’s were shot, so after new tire install, had local tire dealer do 4-wheel alignment. Sounds cibic to me. The following errors occurred with your submission. I am just concerned that Honda isn’t paying for their design flaw.

I’ll keep posted with whatever happens. And they have to do the alignment to see if my car has issues with the control arm. First I went to the dealer to see if they could do anything for me. Honda changed all the civiv arms for 08′.

They were having problems with the sensors on the doors in ohnda service area and a door had come down on the roof of my car and caused damage! Find More Posts by ekb I eventually got them installed and asked for the alignment print out.


Used Car Report: Honda Civic |

Send a private message to noflash. Requesting my used tires back to for future claims. Send a private message to Demonis. I’m not happy – I explained first off that I had issues starting at 8k miles, and was told at 20k that all I needed was a tire rotation after finally hona about it. BB code is On. San Carlos, CA Age: I quickly read through that TSB So I am a science experiment now. Home of Tristate Auto Enthusiast.

Hot off the press The new TSB from Honda to repair the neg. Of course, we don’t know where you are – so maybe they really ARE all that bad in your area. Find all posts by Orient Express.

Hodna DSM did not want to do anything for me. They called later in the day letting me know the car should be done, it is over getting aligned right now After researching on tires, being SICK of all the BS with this and never wanting to deal with it again – I decided to buy a top rated tire.

They insisted that the diagnostic process included mainly the inspection of the tires for irregular wear.