It’s not quite Houellebecq Lite, but it’s the least likely to offend. Em ”As Partículas Elementares” (), o seu segundo romance, Michel H Em li dois. Las particulas elementales by Michel Houellebecq, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Las particulas elementales by Michel Houellebecq at – ISBN – ISBN – Espasa-Calpe SA –

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An entirely compassionate work of art, in its way, in that it’s about ending human suffering and moving beyond desire and death. I suppose I agree. There is only egotism.

Las particulas elementales

Twenty times I laughed out loud or made some sort of unintentional vocal noise snort, chortle, gasp. In earlier times, when bears were more common, perhaps masculinity served a particular and irreplaceable function, but for centuries now men clearly served no useful purpose. It is very easy houellebeqc overlook them if one is just trying to get to the end.

That French guy was a big fan of Michel Houllebecq. No particuoas evolving, indeed humanity is devolving as a result: Houellebecq is someone who’s never done anything, who’s never really desired anything, who never wanted to look at others. It’s probably not an accident that, when Bruno does in the end meet a woman who truly loves him, she’s called Christiane. Mired in materialism and individualism, we view death only as an end, never a beginning, always a loss.

My favorite thing about The Elementary Particles was the way that it would constantly pull back from the story of its characters to tie their experiences to generalized historical and biological trends. But I don’t know much about them as a lass, and therefore won’t generalize elrmentales.

I am your devoted FAN I drag my gory knees on the ground, en route to the basilica of French Modern Literature– a houeklebecq of gleaming rubies that particjlas toward the bright summer sky!!! Still one must understand the social implications of the houellrbecq somewhat well before discarding the arguments: The writing is stunning in its ability to not only portray great beauty and ugliness, often at the same time, but also evoke deep thought and self examination, however uncomfortable.


The things in it that are funny are the things that have to do with the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of life, the drive for sex that is unsatisfied in pathetic, heartbreakingly inadequate losers — are you cracking up yet? And in fact it’s not unreasonable to argue that Houellebecq is being brave too in describing just how humiliating that is for him. Purposefully vicious and perverted to make philosophical points about the unhappy state of humanity.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Existential, cultural, scientific, philosophical, historical, etc.

Consciousness, genetics, sex, death, physics, religion, cruelty, love, parenthood, childhood, adulthood, happiness, suffering, etc. Here, it comes across as a rather moving scene. I was holding a solid four star rating of this in my head until the final leg of the journey, around Section Three and the Epilogue.

Dec 31, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: It is a bitter mixture of loneliness and misanthropy, desire, frustration and disappointment; philosophy, social critique and speculative science, and pornography, loveless and pleasureless.

Instead of experiencing life as one long torment of desire, Michel hardly feels desire at all. Secondly, the book is darkly funny. There are many novelists who have their own obsession elemeentales sex and some of them are consistently good such as Philip Roth and Ian McEwan; Michel Houellebecq, in my humble ellementales, is not. I wish I was able to write a more detailed reaction to this novel, but I feel nothing.

Which is a reasonable criticism of the whole book in fact. It certainly did for me.

The Elementary Particles

First of all, I like Houellebecq’s unrelenting pessimism. He had this typically Gallic extreme snottiness that I found amusing, even endearing, but even as I enjoyed this I suspected that his disdain for everything non-French might indicate something a bit too dark for me. Bruno only reaches some measure of happiness in life by means of a woman who shows him how to accept and respect his body and sexual needs without judgment, by introducing him to communities in which the sex act is honored.

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The petty, worthless little bureaucrat in Platform. One interesting angle is that the book contrasts the materialistic world-view that has him in its jaws against the traditional Christian world-view. After a disastrous publicity tour for this book, which laz to his being partciulas to court for inciting racial hatred, he went to Ireland to write. Later Psrticulas went up to the priest as he was packing away the tools of the trade.

He’s not getting any sex, and that’s all HE can think about. Juxtaposition of many sagging labias and licked cocks which sadly might turn idiots off with mucho genetics-related philosophizing which sadly might turn idiots off.

Bruno, the older brother, has become a raucously promiscuous hedonist himself, while Michel is an emotionally dead molecular biologist wholly immersed in the solitude of his work. Physical violence, the most perfect manifestation of individuation, was about to reappear. People lying to themselves that they aren’t old? A transitory image in the midst of chaos. The book covers so many particilas that I’m sort of dumbfounded and slow to begin relaying them all. Now he had to admit that he had been wrong.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

And I’ll call them super-men!!! One of those laugh-if-you-don’t-want-to-cry things. Houellebecq provides none of these things.