How is the GK Section set in IIFT While many will say that IIFT GK consists of mainly the conventional GK, having cracked 23 out of Originally Answered: Which material should I refer to for the IIFT exam, GK portion? GK Cutoff – Questions. To get access to this IIFT GK Syllabus & IIFT GK Study Material follow the links below. , , , , , Static, 19, 19, 8. Request you to send the material related to IIFT GK. It would be of great help. following were acquired by google in undefined. Write a comment.

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I have to agree that this is one of the […].

IIFT GK Sample Questions | IIFT GK Syllabus & Study Material | Hitbullseye

General elections were held in Myanmar on 8th November A type of commemorative coins issued by Mints. The marking scheme is different for each section and there shall be a negative marking also. Match the name of the organization with the name of the mayerial in which it is headquartered. Tuesday, January 1, Due to this, a large number of applicants fail to clear the sectional cut-off of the GK section. Thus, you have to be careful in picking up questions and focus on clearing the cutoffs.

Your goal should be to get approximately 6 to 8 questions correct from the lot given below without any errors.


In this article, we will help you understand the type of questions from this section that can be expected in the IIFT test. Check Here Preparation Tips, Syllabus. What is director identification number DIN? April 24, at 6: November 20, at 3: Why is GK Important? Got a discount code? So, even if someone is not aware of the other options, knowing just one option would have sufficed.

December 6, MBA Pundit 0. The New Development Bank 2. Match the Bollywood actors with their debut Hindi film: Check Here for 2 Dec Exam. Further, the GK section is highly helpful in time management as there is no calculation-work and analysis involved.

Should it be entirely based on your convenience or […]. As the name suggests, Static GK consists of areas that do not change over time. Thus, your best bet is to spend appropriate time and energy on both, static and current GK. Rani Mukherjee iv Deewana e. Even though the cut off for GK is low, yet many students fail to qualify it. Here you will find useful iirt shared by fellow MBA aspirants. Some of them are given below:. Your email address will not be published.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan iii Refugee d. As cut off is as below to 0.

Face of a Lion 2. My suggestion to everybody is to keep noting down the latest economic data, political appointments, foreign guest visitsMerger and Acquisitions as they happen.

All one needs to iifh through is the major happenings section of these magazines. This has been first openly-contested election held in the country since Further, we will give you a methodical strategy to prepare for this section.


How To Prepare For IIFT GK? Check Here Preparation Tips, Syllabus

In one of the GK questions of last year, the name of the parliament of various countries were mentioned and they were to be matched with the corresponding country names. And there was only one option that was matching the said combination. What was the theme of the National Youth Festival of India? September 21, MBA Pundit 0. This is naterial, if you know the answer to a GK question, there is no scope for confusion!

IIFT General Knowledge (GK) Previous Year Papers with Questions and Answers – 2016

Face of a Dragon. September 20, MBA Pundit 0. The total duration of the exam would be 2 hours minutes. Match the movie personality on whose life it is based.

The best source to prepare current GK is the newspaper.

Allot at most 5 minutes to ilft section in the exam. Even though the weightage for GK is less, however, each and every mark counts in this exam.