Cambridge Core – Social and Cultural Anthropology – In Search of Respect – by Philippe Bourgois. Review. Reviewed Work(s): In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois. Review by: David Nugent. Source: American. Bourgois’ ethnographic research of the crack dealers and their families revealed the structural.

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Risk environment is a much more useful concept for understanding why people do what they do on the streets. We all seek social meaning and respect. Bourgois moved to a poor, primarily Puerto Rican part of New York in order to write a book about poverty.

Philippe Bourgois – Wikipedia

The older generations remain addicted from the old ethnic patterns. I felt like I got to know the people he interviewed, and even if some of the things they did seemed purely evil, I had sympathy for them because I had the opportunity to hear their stories, and understand what brought them to the decisions they made.

So I learned to limit myself to two per night. Bourgois’ portraits are so carefully executed, so unflinching, that it’s impossible to walk away from this book without a profoundly different perspective on the inner city.

A modern-day Oscar Lewis, Philippe aims to enlarge the discussion around the interactions of agency and structure through an analysis of a culture of opposition embedded within a web of social, historical, and economic forces.

This was the mids—it was spring when I moved in. Account Options Sign in. For the first time, an anthropologist had managed to gain the trust and Sometimes they dragged on a little probably because they were so entertaining and didn’t have more new to say – this i Really interesting account from the author’s five years of imbeding himself in the street culture El Barrio a.

In search of respect: an interview with Philippe Bourgois

The Best Books of Cambridge University Pressrrespect Social Science – pages. A very personal look at the intimate lives of crack dealers in Harlem. The behavior of the poor drug use, violence, rape, misogyny is the result of structural weaknesses and flaws created by America’s class- and ethnic-apartheid.


The Sociologist who wrote this has some balls. Sep 23, Selma rated searcu it was amazing. Gradually I made friends with my neighbors. I have so many complicated feelings about searcg book that are rooted in the complicated feelings I have about the subject matter, moreso than the way Bourgois presents it. I will read it again, and again, and I know that every time I will understand it more and learn something new!

By making it appear that these people are incapable of doing the same, he reduces them to below the level of the respevt affluent majority. This edition adds a prologue describing the major dynamics in America that have altered life on the streets of East Harlem in the six years since the first edition.

However, if you want to read an interesting book on poverty in the US or if you’re looking for an example on how structural features, historical developments, and cultural ideas can intersect and lead to social marginalisation, this is the book for you. Julia is a first seach student in the MA program and is concentrating in international development; Jessica is a second year student pursuing an MA in anthropology with a concentration in international development; Stephanie is a second year student pursuing an MA in anthropology with a concentration in museum training; Jacqueline is a first year student pursuing an MA in anthropology; and Casey is a second year student in the MA program and is concentrating in international development.

I adored it, it was not filled with an excessive amount of jargon, making it inaccessible for the average person.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois

Bourgois presents his readers with a mind-numbing ethnography on the disenfranchised Puerto Rican crack dealers of NYC’s poorest areas. But the Nicaraguan Revolution, a popular guerrilla movement that eventually overthrew the Somoza dictatorship, was trying to develop an independent socialist government at the time, and the US, through the CIA, destabilized the situation.


Some people, of course, fall phillppe crack-smoking or heroin injection because they sell the product to the older generations.

Fantastic book, model ethnographic work, and Id certainly recommend his newer one, Righteous Dopefiend. It won the C. Likewise, it is extremely difficult for a writer to elicit sympathy for human cockroaches, because pyilippe existence is so inherently worthless. It was not crazy to live there and it is easy to violate apartheid if you do it slowly, carefully, and respectfully.

Paperbackpages. Rumbaut Limited preview – He has shown the ways in which marginalisation within urban ‘ghettos’ fuels drug use and the drug trade.

Nonetheless, Bourgois’ over-reliance on strong structural critique and his self-confessed difficulties in engaging some of the excesses of his informants gang rape, familial violence from an agent-centric perspective leaves room for improvement.

Books by Philippe Bourgois. Cocaine og much easier to transport clandestinely because it takes up only a fraction of the physical space occupied by the equivalent dollar value of marijuana.

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio

Someone like Primo the main character in the book, In Rsspect of Respectwho is struggling with being responsible is not unworthy. It was the kids on the block where I lived who were the first to welcome me. Searh definetely believe he achieves this. During the days and some night, he hung out with heroin dealers who sold and compiled their drugs in the back of an arcade.

Apart from having a highly nuanced theorising, this is Bourgois writes a powerful ethnography about people entwined with substance abuse in East Harlem. But in fact, resprct dealers are not all bad. He was able to gain entry to a world of economic, gender, age, and ethnic relationships that are closed to representatives of official society.

In Search of Respect: