America has a history of not treating our veterans right. It is no different today. Veterans are often denied promised benefits or given inadequate care. Politicians always promise to fix things, but never do.

I’m a veteran, and I’ll actually work on fixing things.

First and foremost we need to quit creating so many veterans in need of care. Fighting in undeclared proxy wars on behalf of (at best) questionable allies is not only bad foreign policy, it creates a large number of veterans in need of services the taxpayers can’t afford to adequately provide.

Then we need to get rid of the Department of Veterans Affairs completely. All services should be moved back under the Department of Defense. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a proven track record of bloated inefficiency and even corruption.

While the DoD is just as bad, reducing it from two to one would be a massive improvement. The VA does not communicate well with the Department of Defense, and far too many veterans get lost in the crack (chasm really) between the two. Allowing veterans to stay within the DoD will allow smoother transitions to civilian life, significantly less bureaucracy, better access to service, and lower cost to the taxpayer.