ISO/IEC is intended to be used in any sector of activity. It specifies: a ) contents of command-response pairs exchanged at the interface,. b) means of. ISO , Section 5 contains basic organizations, data structures, file organization, file referencing methods, data referencing methods, This part of ISO/IEC supports the following two categories of files: . 0 — x x x — — —, File type. ISO/IEC (): “Information technology – Identification cards; Integrated circuit(s) cards . and one or more SC bytes as defined in ISO/IEC [4].

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According to its abstract, it specifies a card application. This specification does not preclude the determination by sequential analysis of which mechanisms and which security items shall be used for processing the remaining filetyype of the data field. Each command message may carry a response descriptor template fixing the data objects required in response. Between those two identifiers, the path consists of the identifiers viletype the successive parent DFs if any.

Personal verification through biometric methods”.

The length Le is also not null; therefore the Le field is also present. There are two types of digital signatures:. If the concept of logical channels is applied, the file specify security status may depend on the logical channel see 1.

ISO/IEC 7816

According iao its abstract, it specifies the operating conditions of an integrated circuit card that provides a USB interface. The previous occurrence shall be the closest record with the specified identifier but in a smaller logical position than the current record.


When a file cannot be implicitly selected, it shall be possible to select it by at least one of the following methods:. If L is null, then the data object is empty: In case 1, the body of the command APDU is empty. Moreover, before transmitting the first data object for confidentiality using a stream cipher, a template for confidentiality shall provide auxiliary data for initializing the computation of the string of concealing bytes.

ISO part 4 section 5 APDU level data structures

Created inupdated inamended in The computation of a digital signature related data objects. In order to select unambiguously any file by its identifier, all EFs and DFs immediately under a given DF shall have different file identifiers.

Figure 1 illustrates an example of the logical file organization in a card. Within each EF of cyclic structure, the record numbers shall be sequentially assigned in the opposite order, i. Dedicated file DF Elementary file EF The logical organization of data in a card consists of following structural hierachy of dedicated files: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Cards with contacts — USB electrical interface and operating procedures”.

Consequently, the body consists of the Lc field followed by the data field. In the card capabilities see 8. Consequently, the body consists of the Le field.

ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

Transparent structure — The EF is seen at the interface as a sequence of data units. Figure 1 — Logical file organization example.


The first output results from the first input. In case 1, the length Lc is null; therefore the Lc field and the data field are empty. Cards with contacts — Dimensions and location of the contacts”.

Within an EF of record structure, records may have the same record identifier, in which case data contained in the records may be used fileytpe discriminating between them. Data is considered to be stored in a single continuous sequence of records within an EF of record structure or of data units within an EF of transparent structure.

F I G U R E 2

It may be maintained, recovered or lost by file selection see 6. This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat The current output results from the current input. The basic logical channel is permanently available.

Such a body carries 1 or 2 length fields; B1 is [part of] the first length field. Data objects of the other classes may be present e. The security items algorithms, key and initial data used for processing the data field of a command message may be different from those used for producing the data field of the subsequent response messsage.

The result of an authentication may be logged in an internal EF according to the requirements of the application.