BORANG PERTUBUHAN KESELAMATAN SOSIAL JADUAL CARUMAN BULANAN 8A Bayaran Tunai. UNTUK Untuk mendapatkan khidmat pence ramah PERKESO, sila mohon di [email protected] Tandatangan: Nama . Pindaan Jadual Ketiga – Jadual Caruman pdf JADUAL. A company must remit the contribution sum to Perkeso Office before the end of the Asked Questions (FAQs) · Contribution Table & Rates (Jadual Caruman SOCSO) MALACCA (7 March ): The eligibility for invalidity pension for Social. Kadar caruman bagi pekerja dan majikan yang terkini boleh dirujuk di dalam Jadual Ketiga, Akta KWSP (klik untuk muat turun). Majikan dikehendaki.

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Share on Track this topic Print this topic. I didnt even get my assist login lel.

This is how insurance works. Mar 2 RM for 3 months I wonder if I can get refunded Maybe use to pay 1MDB debt? So is this mean u get Elaun Mencari perkerjaan if get retrenced?

Show posts by this member only Post 2. Why want to change?


Malaysia – Changes to SOCSO Contribution effective March 2016

Shah Alam, Newcastle North East. Mar 13 I am not a charity foundation, ok? I used that link and change the temporary password.

Go back to iperkeso site, easily submitted and paid Wasn’t that obvious from the start? You are commenting using your Twitter perrkeso. The eligibility for invalidity pension for Social Security Organisation Socso members has been raised from year-old to ID still the same as Perkeso majikan ID? We are paying for it either way. Payment is made directly to beneficiaries.

Fort Canning Garden Status: Najib need more people like you.

As a test, I keyed in both options 2 sets of diff contributionsand their stupid system actually accepted both. Refers to an employer who works for a principal employer or undertakes part of the jaduxl of the principal employer by way of a sub-contract.

Feb 1 Jan 27 No need to go to counter. It’s a socialist thing ma, the many pay to support the few who cant.

SOCSO: Social Security Organization | Perkeso |

In short this is a mess. Working adult should have saving and financial plannings.

Kalau ada 10 juta employee, berapa income boleh dapat per month. Feb 13 In SIP 1A, what is employer’s code and industry code? At least that’s what they told me.


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Some more I already went and paid with cheque in person. Just paid via iperkeso, including jan feb overdue. Jan 31 Kindly help, if anyone has answers to the below queries: I encounter problem on uploading the textfile wo, perkeo dam it.

The company will pay 1. BTW for the registration, if you don’t receive the email in weeks, immediately go to the Pekeso office which you submit the forms and ask them which email they sent to.

And dah confirm dah. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Yes, but deduct from the tax not from our salary. Start potong gaji from January this year. I submit the EIS forms already