I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for. JBL +. JBL , Tweeter/ Compression Driver from JBL. Write a user review · Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Any opinion welcome.

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I’m fairly sure that replacing the diaphrams with ‘s increased the HF response, because the system has never lacked for high end. I find the horn sound better with the modded ‘s on the horns. The is a well respected diffraction slot tweeter, the is a nice midrange driver that on the right horn loads nicely down to Hz, and jlb down to Hz.

From a volunteer fireman’s perspective, outdoors is always the preferred method for burning cabinets.

JBL Model 16ω High-frequency Driver for Reapir | eBay

Does anyone have experience with this? Look to a separate driver, or find BE phragms or even Al if you want to squeeze more than 10k out. Results 1 to 11 of Now they have ‘s with Radian diaphragms, which handle a bit more power than the ‘s with their original diaphragm’s but sound very similar.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. I replaced the diaphrams with factory ‘s almost 25 years 241 when I purchased them 2nd 4261.

JBL worth the monney ? – Technical/Modifications – The Klipsch Audio Community

View the Media Kit. I do have a pair of horns that I had purchased with drivers to use over a pair of ‘s in reflex boxes. I spent some time tweaking it when I front loaded my bass cabs 20 years ago – although at the time, my main priority was SPL.


I have never run any of the 1″ drivers below 2. All times are GMT In all jjbl your mid box could use some taming if the system is a bit shouty so you are on the right tack.

Or is there another horn that would be better suited as the main HF horn in a smallish watt per side system that will sound good close to 2641 front and still be able to project into a medium size room on occasion? The nearfield lens may install over your horn, or may use a different flair, and this could depend on if there are the stepped perforated diffusers in your conical flair.

The potential for damaging your found money is high. Without re-hashing an old topic, have any of the aftermarket mfgs notably stepped up their game in the past 5 years?

Images : JBL 2461

I didn’t do much with the home speaker line and this part didn’t cross over into live audio that I have ever seen. The A cross over Hz has worked well with either the H or H woofer in the 5 ft3 cabinet. With drivers on them I always found myself giving them eq very similar to a CD horn in order for them to sound nice.

Is that an L? Since I dont really need the long throw so much anymore, I’m hoping that putting them in sealed front loaded boxes will get rid of the honk up front.


Better or worse than the ? It makes sense that they could jbp been modeled after Studio Monitors, and massive ones at jl. I would expect that the diaphram would make most of the difference in HF response, but dont know for sure.


If I can fly them, that should help even more. The advantage I see to having two 10s for the mid packs is that when the room is full, the bottom driver will be at about shoulder level which should cover the dance floor area fairly well and the top driver will be just slightly overhead, for reaching to the back of the room.

The 15s were definitely reconed, I had it done in the early 90s by a qualified tech. Thats why the low-mid nbl set a little high. I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was surprised to find that they were only rated to about 12K with the original phenolics.

The Rane carries compensation for a CD horn I assume?? I sourced jl very good pair for a reasonnable price. I’ve got two pairs of EVMB’s in ported front loaded cabinets on the bottom, crossed at hz, so I dont really need the low frequency response of a driver like the If I come up with anything notable, I’ll report back.