JIS G Carbon steels for cold heading — Part 1: Wire rods (Foreign Standard). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard. ) G Cold heading quality carbon steel – Section 1: Wire rods 5 . Table of composition for JIS wire rods and secondary processed products of. Carbon steels for cold heading. Part 1: Wire rods. SWRCH 6A to 22A. 10K to 50K. JIS G Nuts and bolts, small screws, small tacks, and other various.

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June 20, 1.

JIS G 3507-2: Carbon steels for cold heading –

Table 4 Permissible limits of mean depth of decarhurized layer unIt: Over 5 min. The relevant Minister and the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee are not responsible for identifYing the patent right, application for a patent after opening to the public, utility model right or application for registration of utility model after opening to the public which have the said. A list of modifications jjs the explanations is given in annex 1 informative.

Table 5 Tolerances on wire diameter and ovality Unit: Some of the items below, however, may be omitted, if agreed between the purchaser and the supplier. Over 15 to and incl. Over 4 to and incl. The most recent editions of the standards including the amendments shall be applied. For the tensile test, t No. Over 3 to and incl. Wires Date of Establishment: B inspection certificate 3. No parl of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, vvithout pennission in wriling from the publisher.


Table 6 Surface flaw depth of killed steel Unit: Carbon steels for cold heading — Part 2: G350-71 wires are shown below, carrying 3. However, in the case by processes other than process D and process DA, they shall be subjected to the agreement between the purchaser and the supplier.

Over 3 to and incL 6 Over 6 to and incL 10 Over 10 to and inel. Wire rods Part 2: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

JIS G Carbon steels for cold heading –

Procedures of the investigation. JIS G English: However, in the case where a flaw depth g357-1 necessitated to be especially controlled, they shall conform to table 7 subject to the agreement between the purchaser and the supplier.

Further, whether test piece of No. Note 4 The ovality means the difference between the maximum and the minimum wire diameters measured in the same cross-section.

When the flaw depth is especially requested to be eontrolled for 15 mm max. The depth of flaws shall conform to table 6 for killed steel y3507-1 aluminum-killed steen.


However, manufacturing processes other than given above may be selected by agreement between the purchaser and the supplier. Por60ns given sidelines are the matters in which the contents of the original International Standard have been modified. Wire rods JIS Z However, those of wires of 32 mm or over g350-1 wire diameter shall be as agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.

The process DA means a process wherein wire rods having been cold worked are annealed and further finished by cold working or a process jia wire rods are finished by cold working after annealing. Carbon steels for cold heading – advertisement.

Over 25 to and incl. The sample product shall be measured for surface flaw depth with a measuring device having an appropriate precision. Over 5 to and incl. Over 4 to and incL 5 min.